Love Story

Cara. Broken.
Blake. Fearless.
Cara + Blake= 1 Angry Father, Paris, Police, love and an Accident


1. Chapter 1

The course rocks and gravel scratched my bare feet. The ocean breeze filled my lungs, seeking freedom but finding constriction in my mind that washed over me. I had to leave. I had to run. It was too much, too many people telling me what to do and what to say. Rehearsals. I was Juliet in my school production of Romeo and Juliet. The last 3 Romeos had quit.  And each of them didn't look like they loved me or could give up their life for me. So I ran here, the one place where I can escape this town for a little while. Because I'm cold, stone hearted. I can't actually love but am capable of acting it. The continuous ticking of my watch brought me back to my senses and back to reality. I turned sharply to leave trailing my not-so white dress behind me. 

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Mrs Prince’s voice echoed throughout the theatre but I kept walking quickly towards the dressing rooms. She cleared her throat loudly as if to gain my attention before gathering all her voice "MISS CARA JACQUEST!" I spun on the balls of my feet and made eye contact but didn't move from my distant spot. "I suggest young lady you get into full costume so we can at least sort your scenes out while our Romeo gets here." Throughout my gentle foot tapping echoed loudly which caused her to quicken her speech and her voice to gradually increase in volume. 

The dressing rooms were beautiful. Mine was red, with beautiful gold details which glistened against the powerful lights off the mirror. Full costume consisted of curly updo, white (supposed to be, not after my beach encounter) traditional dress and pumps. Plus my mascarade mask which matched my dress exactly. The distant sound of music was my call. The mascarade ball was one of the scenes I dreaded. It's so unrealistic; seriously a mask like that surely wouldn't stop you from recognising your enemy. Everyone else was already on stage at this point except for Romeo and Juliet, Juliet (me) would walk in upstage right and float into the middle to join her mother and Paris. So that's what I did, but for some reason I felt different this time. Every other time I felt as if it was a play, not real life. But this time felt real. I smiled happily and acknowledged my 'parents' and curtsied graciously towards Paris. At this point I turn my back and that's when I heard gently footsteps; gentle but solid which caught me off guard. That was when he made his way through the crowd. I turned; my dress mimicked me in every turn. His eyes caught mine as he stepped up on stage in front of me, before bowing slowly and taking my hand. He kissed it ever so gently, sending a warm surge through my body. Snatching my hand away I observed him before speaking. His chiselled jaw sat perfectly with his blond tousled hair; dark smart jeans, untucked light blue shirt and converse. 

"WHO are you?" I asked inquisitively, he seemed a little taken back.
"Blake" Raising my eyebrows and crossing my arms indicated I wanted a last name. "Winters. Blake Winters."
Mrs Prince's shoes clicked into the theatre, "Ah, Cara I see you've met Blake." 
I rolled my eyes and raised my eyebrows a split second before she spoke again, "Blake is the new and FINAL Romeo." My head snapped suddenly and my arms fell to my side as he chuckled. "Cara. Cara?" Blake mirrored exactly what I did when asking him that which sent my blood pressure rising. "JACQUEST!" I screamed before storming out into the field behind the theatre. I slumped down against an old tree. The sky was dark, with deep clouds and roars of thunder but I really didn't care. A slamming door caught my attention and strolling overcame Blake. 
"I don't want to talk to you!" 
"What have I done?" He kept strolling over.
"Just. It's. Ugh. Never mind." He sat down in front of me and ran his fingers through his hair which looked beautiful. But I could never admit it. You see. I didn't believe in love. I thought that is wasn't real just mutual affection. But there was something about Blake that was- different. Oh great, I'm getting soppy, but I'll continue. "Sorry Blake but I really need to get home now."
"Great, I'll walk you." I shook my head.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” His crooked smile was so beautiful.
“Why not?” His hoarse voice was matter of fact but with a sense of absent-mindedness.
“I push people away.” I stood up and turned my back on him, walking briskly before I broke, which is something I’ve never done. Because if you break it takes a hell of a lot longer to put the pieces back than it did to break them.  
“Cara, listen to me.” I didn’t before he pulled me back by my shoulder. “Hey listen just let me walk you home, you look like you need a friend.”
That’s when it happened. I broke. I told all my secrets why I am the way I am. What makes me tick and, he just listened. Never criticised. Just listened. The door to my house was a few feet away and he took my hand, he didn’t say a word. Screeching tyres caught me by alarm and him too. A car skidded towards us and out came an older man. Blond hair, tall, I didn’t have to list anymore details before I knew who it was.

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