Entry for gaming competition.

1. Clone

As Megaman picked his way through the scorched, charred remains of flying shells and screw bombers, crunching spines underfoot, all that was on his mind was the upcoming battle. Dr Wily had really done it this time. He had captured Dr. Light, Megaman’s creator, inventor. Father. Megaman now had a new purpose. Not just saving the world, saving the only thing that mattered. But now, as Megaman lost himself in his thoughts, a shadow passed. Suddenly alerted, Megaman readied his blaster. Checking all walls, he saw nothing. He began thinking it was a trick of the light when a humanoid-like shape dropped from the ceiling. Megaman immediately fired, but had to roll to dodge a black pulse of energy. When he stood up, Megaman finally got a look at his attacker. He was wearing a pure black helmet and a matching armour suit. His face could not be seen, but from where Megaman was standing it looked like there was just pure shadow. Megaman stepped back, as did the assailant. Megaman frowned, and took an experimental strafe. The thing did the same. Megaman charged, but stopped just before it ran into him. The truth dawned on Megaman like a sack of bricks. This was the latest monstrosity concocted by Dr Wily. It seemed to do whatever Megaman did. He looked over the shoulder of the clone at the giant metal door, the only thing that stood between him and Wily. With a new wave of rage, Megaman struck. Dodging and diving, ducking and charging, Megaman used everything he could think of to kill the clone. But regardless of all his tricks, the clone matched every one. When Megaman tired, the clone kept coming, only stopping when Megaman did. Just when Megaman thought all hope was lost, he spotted a large metal object, pulsing orange slightly. Megaman staggered over, and a second wind lifted his hope. He loaded the drill into his blaster, and smiled wickedly at the clone as the pointed the cannon. When he fired, a deafening bang erupted as the clone’s blaster collided with the drill, and the sickening crunch of armour and bone as it hit the clone. Megaman stared sadly at the puddle of blood and armour shards as he walked through the now open door. Then he steeled himself for the task ahead. Time to face Wily.

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