A Hidden Power

Will's life was the deffinition of boring before he met Aoife, or rather kissed her. Repeatedly. Now his life is spinning out of control. People will stop at nothing to control him to get to her.


1. Beginning: In the Club

The club's music pounded heavily overhead.  Vaguely Will wondered if there was actually any music with the track or if it was just really a steady thrumming beat that mimicked the pounding in his head.  He sank heavily in one of the plush hot-pink leather couches.  Not exactly manly. 


He started as  he felt a hand being placed on his back.  He glanced up at the gorgeous blue eyed, brunette in a tight yellow body-con smiling kindly at him.


"Are you okay?" she mouthed to him, over the pumping music.  She still had her had on his shoulder and was crouching slightly, her other hand attempting to stop her hair from falling into her face.  Her eyes were bright and her eyebrows were crinkled slightly, betraying her piqued interest. 


He smiled half-heartedly and nodded.  That was a lie.  He felt as though his head was going to split open and his pulse was pounding.  However, he knew that she probably didn't care whatever he said and nobody likes a whiner.


"Do you want to dance?" she asked in response, pointing to the dance floor. 


Sighing inwardly, Will nodded and plastered on his bravest smile.  "Sounds good."  Suck it up, he told himself.  She's hot, you're not; count yourself lucky she's even talking to you.


She slipped her slender hand in his and led him to the dance floor.  Every so often she would glance back and smile at him, as if she was worried he might somehow escape.  When they reached the centre, she looked at him from under her eyelashes and bit her lip softly.  Then she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, pulling their bodies closer.  As their bodies learnt how to move as one to the thrumming beat, Will stopped pitying himself and began, surprisingly, to enjoy himself.  His pain evaporated and soon he was smiling like a fool.


Without thinking, he tipped his head downwards and brushed his lips against hers.  A rush of electricity ran through his body and suddenly his body was filled with an invigorating ecstacy.  He kissed his way down to her collar bone and then back up again.  His hands wound themselves into her soft hair and he could feel hers twisting the ends of his hair at the nape of his neck.  His lips moulded themselves to hers and his nose filled with the intoxicating smell of her perfume. 


Her body was like clay beneath his touch.  He pulled his head away but kept his hand on her, holding her close.  He let out a husky laugh.  She rested her head against his chest, swaying slowly to the rave song pounding around them.

"Wow," he breathed.  "I don't even know your name."


She went still immediately.  She tilted her head backwards and squinted at him.  He frowned.  What was wrong?  She reached up and kissed him quickly then, with a flurish she twisted away and melted into the sweaty, shifting crowd.  He stayed at the stop she had been for a minute, slightly shell-shocked.  Then he followed her.




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