A Hidden Power

Will's life was the deffinition of boring before he met Aoife, or rather kissed her. Repeatedly. Now his life is spinning out of control. People will stop at nothing to control him to get to her.


3. Attacked

Will sat up suddenly.  A loud and intrusive bleeping buzzed in his ear.  He reached out blindly, his eyes blurred still by sleep.  The silence was deafening when he finally shut of his alarm.  He collapsed onto his back but his bed was uncomfortably warm and he was too awake already.  He threw back his covers and stood up unsteadily.  His stomach growled hungrily as his nose caught the smell of food cooking in the kitchen. 



When he entered the kitchen dressed in his jeans from last night and a cleaner button-down, Eoghan was already dressed and frying bacon on a pan with a cigerette, unlit, clamped between his teeth.  He nodded to Will in recogniton. 

"So...  What time did you get home lastnight?" asked Will, tentaviely.  He was fully prepared to take the consequences for leaving early.

Eoghan turned and a massive grin broke on his face.  "Five."

Am astonished smile crept its way onto WIll's face.  "Did you go back to Caitlyn's first?"

"Maybe."  Caitlyn was Eoghan's six month girlfriend. 

"Coy Basterd," laughed Will, chucking the junk mail on the table at Eoghan.  He had been trying to break her "saving it for marriage" attitude from day one. 


Eoghan laughed and served up the bacon, making a sandwich each for him and Will.

"What about you man?  I saw you dancing with some brunette," asked Eoghan, through his food-filled mouth.

Will laughed emptilly.  He didn't know how he felt about her, his head was still in a mess.  "Did you also see her slapping me and storming away for no reason?"

Eoghan stood up, wiping his mouth.  "There was a reason, believe me.  It was your terrible dancing.  Now come on, we'll miss the bus."

Will swatted Eoghan and finished up his own sandwich.  He tried to convince himself that it was just his terrible dancing but couldn't quite do it.  There was something else.  Something she knew, something he didn't.  Not Likely I'm ever goign to understand though, he sighed to himself.  She probabley already forgotten about it.  He grabbed his laptop bag and wiped his hands on his jeans, putting her as far away as he could in the back of his head.




Will's classes dragged by.  He sat through all of them, unable to concentrate at all.  He was utterly and totally distracted by the memory of her skin sliding against his, the taste of her on his mouth and the feel of her hair slipping through his fingers.  When his classes were finally over, he stayed late to finish his paper.  Eoghan had left for Caitlyn's around four so when Will finally did get home it was nearly six and the house was freezing.


"Eoghan?" called Will to the darkness when he finally managed to shove the door open.  "You home yet?"


He reached over and flicked on the kitchen lights.  The plates from this morning were still on the table and the greased pan was sitting on the draining-board too.  Will checked his phone.  No missed calls or texts.  He was probabley going to have dinner at Caitlyn's. 


Will dropped his phone and bag on the floor near the coat rack and rolled up his sleeves.  He sucked at cooking but he had to eat something.  He cleaned up and looked around for inspiraation.  He saw the telephone and the Domino's menu on the wall.  His stomach growled hungrily.  Pizza it was. 




Will sat  up from where he was slouched on the couch, watching TV.  His phone was ringing quietly in the kitchen.  He raced in and picked it up just in time. 

"Eoghan?" asked Will, stifling a yawn.  "Where are you?"

"Oh, this isn't Eoghan, William," replied a sinster voice.  "Although your confusion is granted as it is his phone."

"What?" asked Will confused.  "Has something happened to Eoghan?"

"Not yet, William," answered the voice.  "Now I want you to go to the front door and open it."

"Why?" he asked suspicously but did as he was asked anyway. 

Three men stood on his doorstep.  Will swund the door shut immediately but all three pushed it open easily.  They were massive.  Six ft five easily and a metre across the chest.  They wore simple black suits with a white shirt and cream trench coat.  They were so big that they could only walk in single file in the narrow hallway.  Will backed away.

"What... What's going on?" stuttered Will into the phone.

"We're here for you, William.  What else?" spoke the voice from behind Will.


He spun around.  A fourth man stood in the kitchen, wielding Eoghan's phone.  He was shorter and thinner than the other man but obviously smarter.  He was dressed in a pristine white shirt and pin-stripped suit-bottoms.  He laughed darkly at Will.  He only came up to Will's shoulder but still, there was something powerful about him.  It was as if he was cloaked in power, like a force field or aura. 

He waved his hand at Will.  "Grab him."


The three men obeyed and reached for will.  He tried to squirm away but they surrounded him.  When he tried to scream or shout for help, one of them punched him cleanly in the face.  He fell imediately, his face burning and thumping.  His vision swirled. 


"Tsk, tsk, William.  Now we both know that that wasn't nessicary," scolded the fourth man.  "Still, just a taste of what's to come, no?"


Will didn't answer. He was already unconscious.  At least he had forgotten about that girl though.  That was something. 


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