A Hidden Power

Will's life was the deffinition of boring before he met Aoife, or rather kissed her. Repeatedly. Now his life is spinning out of control. People will stop at nothing to control him to get to her.


5. Attack-Dog

Keiran locked the backdoor to the shop and picked up the binbags of rubbish.  He walked quickly over to the bins, unwilling to admit it but slightly scared of the creepy darkness.  The bulb in outside-light above the backdoor had blown again and the streetlights didn't reach this far into the alleyway.  He practically flung the rattling black bags into the bins and turned, ready to run back out of the alley to the well-lit streets out at the front of the shop.


There was a crash farther deeper down in the alley made Keiran jump.  He strained to see what had caused the noise but failed to see anything.  He turned slowly and began walking towards the mouth of the alley.  It was nearly midnight and there would be no people about which only added to KEiran's fears.  There was another crash, this time closer. 


Keiran sped up and didn't even pause to look behind him.  He was so close to the mouth of the alley now.  Somehow that entrance had become the line of safety.  All he had to do was cross it and he would be safe.  He stopped suddenly as a figure stepped in front of the mouth of the alley.  The figure was of a mediumly tall man in a blue pin-striped suit with a full head of short blonde hair.

"Mr Everett, I take it?" he asked calmly.  Keiran's eyes widened and he began slowly began backing away.  "I'm assuming from your answer, or rather non-answer, that that is your name, is it not?"


"How do-," his voice cracked.  He swallowed.  "How do you know my name?"


"Some very angry people told it to me, Keiran.  You've been very naughty and it's attracted the attention of some very bad people," replied the man, stepping closer.


"Who are you?  What do mean?" spluttered Keiran.  Fear had seized control of him; he was literally frozen in place.


"I'm Mr Kellar.  Dean Kellar, to be exact.  I, in the most basic explanition, am the man people come to when they need hitmen for very difficult targets."


Keiran's breathing sped up.  He glanced around fearfully.  Shadows had begun to emerge from the surrounding darkness.  One stepped right behind Keiran and started breathing heavily onto his neck.  A chocking claustrophobic feeling welled up inside of Keiran, strangling him from the inside out.


"In case it is not clear, you are one of those difficult targets," explained Mr Kellar.


"Why?" Keiran managed to force out. 


"Well, you know why, don't you, Keiran?  You wandered onto another vampire's turf and did not pay homeage.  Then you fed on victims without the Chief's permission.  Not smart, Keiran."


"Why didn't he come after me myself?" spat Keiran.  This was because some bigshot wanted Keiran to bow to him?  Yeah, right Keiran had dealt with enough vampires before to know its easier to just be on your own.  Once you join a clan, you can never leave.


"You should be proud, your reputation frightened to him so much that he sought me out and paid double to do it quickly," commened Mr Kellar. 


"Are you going to kill me?" asked Keiran softly.


Mr Kellar blinked.  "I thought I had made that clear.  Your case is unfortunate, Keiran.  Usually I offer my victims a chance to join me but with you, my employer has requested I bring proof that you died so I will be needing your head."


Keiran jumoed into action.  Fear forgotten, he sprinted forward and pushed Mr Kellar out of the way.  He had just made it to the street when in one clean swipe, someone cut of his head.  His body fell lifelessly to the ground.


"Drag the body into the building and set it on fire," ordered Mr Kellar.  One of his golems picked up the body as if it were no more than a sack of potatoes and carried it back into the building.  Mr Kellar clapped his hands and the light above the exit door switched on. 

"Wendy!" he roared.  A emo-dressed teenager stepped forward shame-faced.  "Your one job today was to keep his emotions under control, was it not?"


"Yes, sir," she replied, dipping her head.


"Are your powers decreasing?" he asked, angrily.


"No, sir.  His adrenalin level spiked and I lost control," she explained.


"Excuses!" he roared.  "Get in the car immediately and when we return, practice until you improve!"


Fire glowed inside the cafe as the golem exited the door.  Kellar spun on his heel and began walking toward the entrance to the alley.  His pet was already bagging the head and had cleaned his machete.  Kellar petted his head affectionatly. 

"Good, dog.  Now deliver that to the Vampires and then return home," ordered Kellar, not unkindly.  So far, his new pet had yet to disappoint him.


"Yes, master," replied Will flatly. 


Kellar fiddled with the iron cuff on Will's wrist that he had had specally made.  It had a phone number and his name on it; a personal joke that still made him chuckle.  Kellar strode past his pet and climbed into the back seat of his Mercedes beside Wendy.  He made a point of not looking at her as he ordered his golem to drive. 


The car jolted slightly as it took off.  It took seconds to reach home.  He got out of the car and walked confidently into his dusty dirty warehouse.  Inside it was dirtier and dustier, with empty crates piled high.  Kellar walked expertly through the maze until he reached the centre.  There was his palace.  A single red door leading into what seemingly appeared to be an extra tall crate.  He opened the door and walked into the swirling portal.  Immediately he was transported home to his paradise, his Elysium.  He sighed happily.  Home, sweet home.

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