A Hidden Power

Will's life was the deffinition of boring before he met Aoife, or rather kissed her. Repeatedly. Now his life is spinning out of control. People will stop at nothing to control him to get to her.


2. Alone Together


Outside the club it was colder and frost had begun to grow on shop windows and on the slippery pavement.  Will glance up and down the street; his girl was no where to be seen.  He slumped his shoulders and sighed.  At least it was a story he could tell Eoghan. 


Will turned to go back in when he caught a whiff of the sweaty hot air inside.  Shouldering the door open more, Will wandered outside and breathed the brisk winter air in.  He nodded to the bouncer at the door before wandering up the street with his head ducked.  He would find a cheap chipper and get some food while he waited for Eoghan.  No doubt Will would get an earful for bailing early, not that he really cared. 


In a flurry of action, Will blinked and suddenly he was on the ground.  He looked up shocked and turned to whatever had knocked him over.  Suddenly he was blinded by a swath of soft brown hair.  A soft familiar mouth met his, almost savagely.  He greeted it eagarly and propped himself up on one elbow.  He buried his other hand in the silky hair while he lost himself in the burst of passion. 


Too soon, the other lips withdrew and Will found himself gazing into a pair of beautiful blue eyes.  They confirmed what he had already suspected; it was the girl from the club. 


"Hi," she whispered, smiling but blushing too.


He half-smiled and ran his hand through his hair bashfully.  "Hi."


Her face froze and she was off him in a flash.  Will watched her confused and slightly hurt.  He stood up too as he realised the dampness that slicked the pavement was sinking into his clothes.  In a flash she turned to run but this time Will was ready.  His hand whipped out and caught her wrist instictually.  He  wanted answers.  She tugged at it twice before raising her other hand and slapping him hard on the cheek. 


His cheeks burned with the combination the cold, the pain and the hot embarressment.  He released her wrist immediately, shocked and completely taken aback.  What was her problem? Will asked himself increduously.  Will watched her, waiting to see if she'd try to explain herself.  He sighed after a few seconds and then pushed past her.  Whatever, he may have shared the best kiss of his life (so far) with her but she was crazy


He only had to walk around the corner to find a decent chipper.  He breathed in happily as the warm air hit him when he opened the glass door.  He loved warmth.  As a child, he used to curl up and sleep every night in front of the fire and he could never sleep without a hot water bottle beside him.  Smells of chip grease and vinegar greeted him too, making his stomach growl hungrily. 


He made a beeline to the counter and gazed at the menu above his head.  He shook his pocket and the sound of jingling change answered him in return.  A reasonably attractive blonde smiled tiridly at him from behind the counter. 


"What can I get you?" she asked, stifling a yawn. 


Will flashed her a quick smile, ducked his head shyly and then glanced up at her from beneath his brow.  Will smiled inwardly to himself, thinking that if Eoghan had been here he would have remarked on what he liked to call 'Will's Signature Trinity'.  "Can I have a medium bag of chips, please?"


The girl smiled, nodding and her cheeks dimpling as her smile widened.  "Of course.  Take a seat."  She waved her hand, gesturing to the array of mismatched chairs in the corner.


As he waited, Will studied the collage of molted fliers.  They were mostly local deals from months ago with a few band advertisements too.  He found himself searching the streets to see if the girl was out there watching for him too.  He was surprised to feel deflated when he saw that she wasn't. 


Will felt a vibration in his back pocket and jumped slightly.  He took out his phone and groaned.  Eoghan.  Despite having known that this was going to happen, he didn't feel like explaining to his best friend why he had left the club early.


"Will?  Where are you, man?" Shouted Eoghan down the phone over a thrumming beat . 


Will exhaled heavily.  "I'm outside getting food."


"What was that?" he called even louder.  "Will!  You better have not bailed on me!"


"Sorry, Eoghan, bad connection."  He promptly hung up and rested his head against the wall behind him, rubbing his temples tiridly.  His phone continued to buzz but Will didn't bother with it.  He really didn't need Eoghan shouting at him to get a social life right now. 


Will stood as the girl packaged his food.  He smiled gratefully and paid her.  Outside, he composed a pitiful text to Eoghan, making up some useless excuses for heading home early.  He turned off his phone and began his trek home, enjoying the warmth of the chips while a blisteringly cold wind froze his uncovered face and hands.  All he needed now was a boiling cup of tea, Will remarked to himself wistfully.

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