My best friends brother

Alana Carlson is a fourteen year old girl and best friends with Lottie Tomlinson. When the boys are back from tour Louis starts to develop feelings for Alana and Alana develops feelings for Louis. What will Alana tell Lottie and how will Lottie react?


1. Louis is back

Alana's POV

'I just wanna love somebody. I really wanna dance the night away. I know we're only have way there so take me all the way take me-.' "Hello" I answered the phone ending my favorite song by maroon 5. "Hey you wanna come over? You can sleep over. Louis is back" Lottie, my best friend said. "Sure" I said smiling. "What time should I come over?" "Whenever you're ready" Lottie answered. We chatted a little while longer before hanging up. When we did I grabbed a bag and shoved my stuff in it. "Hey mum! Can I sleep over Lottie's?" I asked running into my mums room. "Sure" my mum said smiling and hugging me goodbye. I ran over to Lottie's eager to see her hot brother Louis who is in One Direction. 

I walked in Lottie's house. I never knock anymore. Jay doesn't care she says I'm like her other  daughter.

"Alana!" Lottie yelled. I then heard Louis but I couldn't make out what he was saying. "No she's my best friend... She's what! Ew Louis" I heard Lottie. She's so loud. I ran up to Lottie's room to see both her and Louis lounging on her bed. "Alana!" Louis screamed running up and hugging me. Lottie came up and tore Louis off of me. "No Louis not after what you said" said Lottie. "What did he say?" I asked. "Oh he said-." "NOTHING I SAID NOTHING"Louis yelled. If he didn't want me to know I wonder what it is? 


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