Hi, my name is Vanessa. I'm 15 years old, and go to John Stark Regional High School, and one more thing my life SUCKS!!! But five boys change that.


1. Why?

-Vanessa P.O.V-

       Ugh! Why do bullies go after me? Now I don't have a lunch. Jenny Smith my arch enemy took my lunch money when I was inline for paying.

                                               "Sorry, kid no money no lunch!" said Mrs. Rue

                                               "You don't understand Mrs.Rue! Jenny Smith took my lunch money."

                                               "Well, if I call Miss Smith over will she say she stole it?" Mrs. Rue inquires.

                                               "Yes," as soon as I said it I regretted it.

                                               "Jenny Smith, will you come over here?" Mrs. Rue yells. "ALONE!!"

       Jenny walks over to us."Yes, Mrs. Rue? OMG!!! I love the you did you'r hair today" she lies.

                                               "Did you steal Miss Hues' lunch money?"

                                                "No, of course not!"

                                                 "Thank you Jenny!"

       As soon as 'Miss Smith' said that Mrs.Rue frowned at me.

                                                  "GO TAKE THIS PINK SLIP AND GO TO THE OFFICE NOW!!!!"

       I run off crying to the office.



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