Hi, my name is Vanessa. I'm 15 years old, and go to John Stark Regional High School, and one more thing my life SUCKS!!! But five boys change that.


7. She's Amazing

-Liam's P.O.V-

        Oh. My. Lord. I know I'm in a relationship with Dani, but I think she's amazing.

        "Do any of you like her?" I say hoping for a no.

        "Yeah," They all say in unison. Great. Just. Great.

         "Well, I really fancy her!" I explain "She gave me her number, so I'm going to text her!" I pulled out my iPhone 5, and texted Vanessa.

                                       To: Vanessa

                                         Heyy beautiful :-)


                                       To: Liam

                                          Heyy cutie :-)


                                                                   To: Vanessa

                                         Y rn't u goin' 2 school 2morrow? :'-(


                                       To: Liam

                                           Principal Willuam said I cant, watch out for Jenny Smith :'-(



                                        To: Vanessa

                                           K bi! <3 :-)


                                        To: Liam

                                            Bi! <3 ya! :-)


                                        To: Vanessa

                                            The boys and I r only goin' wen u go 2 school :-)


                                         To: Liam

                                             K bi! <3


          Wow, I am defiantly love struck. Every text I grinned at.

            "Liam's in looove!" Louis teased.

            "Shut up Louis! I have a girlfriend!" I say while punching Louis in the arm.

            "Ow! Face it Liam you like her" Louis teased again

            "Okay, so maybe I do. . .so what?" I asked.

            "So. . .that means you breakup with Dani. . .and ask Vanessa out!" Louis said.

            "But. . .N-Niall has dibs. . .he saw her that angle. . .I-I mean Vanessa first." I stuttered thinking about my possibly future girlfriend.

             "Nah, dude you can have her." Niall said coming in from getting food.

                        'Niall, where the hell did he come from?' I thought. At that I was nearly smiling ear-to-ear!

              "Um. . .for real!?" I inquired excitedly.

               "Yeah bro." Niall said cheerfully.


               I walked up to Vanessa's door, slowly stepping up a step, then another, and then another. I quickly knocked three times. Then, before someone answered I remembered I didn't breakup with Dani! I'm an idiot!
                                      I quickly texted her:

                                           To: Dani

                                               I'm breakin' up w/ u an' deletin' ur contact.          NO HARD FEELINGS


              Then, I deleted her contact.

              Vanessa opened the door.

                          "Oh, hey Liam! What's up?" She asked sweetly.

               "Um. . .hi Van! I need to ask you something." I say rather quickly.

               "Okay, c'mon in!"

               "Actually can we do it out here?" I ask awkwardly "Um. . .Vanessa Hues. . .will you go out with me?" I say very quickly "I know I just met you. . .but I feel as though I've known you for years!"

                             SHE'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-D :-O






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