Hi, my name is Vanessa. I'm 15 years old, and go to John Stark Regional High School, and one more thing my life SUCKS!!! But five boys change that.


5. New Neighbors

-Vanessa P.O.V-

            "Honey, again?" my mum asked with sympathy

            "Yes, mum. It's Jenny, she stole my lunch money."

            "Oh, honey I'm so sorry!" I love my mum she's so kind.     "Well, we have new neighbors." said my mum cheerfully.


            "Cool, how many?!" I ask excitedly.

            "Six, five boys your age, and one parental figure."

            "Cool, mum!" I say "Can we go meet them?"

            "Of course." My mum always loves me.


            We get home and I eat a famous (made famous by me) toasted ham and pickle sandwich.

            Then I take a shower, put on a half cut bat-girl shirt, and a pair of short white shorts. (I'm not an impression girl.)

                                  *One Hour Later*

                      My mum made us walk all the way down to their house, we walked for ten minutes. I guess, I didn't really get tired but, I just didn't feel like walking.

            When, we arrived at our neighbors' house I thought it was pretty big. But, then again, there was six people living in this house.

            When, I walked up to the door I knocked, and a blonde opened the door. In my opinon he was pretty attractive.

            "Hi, my name is Niall." He says.

            "Hi, Niall! My name is Vanessa. Welcome to the neighboorhood!" I replied.

            "Come on in!" Niall said sweetly.

            I walked in and examined Niall's house.

            "Boys! We have visitors!" A female voice said.

            I snapped my head in the direction. Four boys came down from an up stairs.

            "Hi, I'm Vanessa!" I say half exctied.

            "Um, er hi." A boy with a quiff that had a highlight said


            "Okay, I quess I'll introduce us: I'm Louis Tomlinson, this right here the boy with the quiff is Zayn Malik, this boy with the slight army look is Liam Payne, this 'blondie' is Niall Hoarn, and last but not least, is the boy with the curls Harry Styles! We're the boy band One Direction!" Louis said

            "Louis we were supposed to keep that a secret!" Liam scolded. I giggled.

            "I thought I knew you from somewhere. . .I'm a DIRECTIONER!!!" I yelled

             "Great!" they all say in unsion

                                    *Hours Later*

             "Okay, bye Anne!" My mum said.

             "Bye, Mallory!

             "Van, c'mon we're leaving!" My mum yelled.

              "Bye, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn,and Louis! See you in two days." I say embaressed "Oh, wat here's my number! For all of you! Text me!" I playfully say "Call me maybe!"










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