On Tour with B.Y.E

Braiden's little sister joins the band on tour. Riley/OC Riley McDonough, Connor McDonough, Thomas Silvers, Braiden Wood.


1. The Tour Begins

"Maddie, hurry up we've got to be at the guy's house soon."

"I'll be down in a sec, don't panic!"

I glanced around the room, feeling like I had forgotten something. I saw the edge of my notebook from under my pillow. Shit! I almost fainted realising I'd nearly left behind the only thing that keeps me from going insane. I chucked it in my duffel bag then zipped my suitcase closed.

I was going on tour with my older brother's band Before you Exit. Braiden Wood is my brother in case you're wondering. It may seem weird but him and his friends have been the only real friends I've ever had, I'm probably the most socially awkward person you will meet and I will stay that way until I can trust you. There all like older brothers to me in a way, I've got them all wrapped around my fingers.

Well, all except Riley. He's the one I'm closest too in the band, I suppose it's because we've always been the babies of the group and always been put together. I've had a crush on him for the past few years, maybe even longer; okay truthfully since the day I met him. At first I thought it was a stupid crush I would eventually get over, but every time I'm around him all I want to do is impress him.

I dragged my suitcase downstairs to find Braiden watching Sponge bob. I kicked my suitcase to the floor to get his attention. "That was a tad too dramatic, don't you think?" He said smiling looking over at me once he had turned off the TV.

"When do we need to leave? Oh great brother," I asked.

"Sarcasm," He said while laughing, "Right now if we're going to get there on time." We rushed out of the house, loading our bags into the back. When I hopped in the car Braiden had already put music on and was starting the car.


By the time we got to the McDonough household my eardrums ached from the loud music and Braiden's loud chatter about how exciting the tour would be. Toby ran out of the house to greet us, man hugging Braiden. When he came over to me I squeezed him tight, I'd always had a soft spot for the little dude, he was defiantly going to be a heart breaker when he was older.

Toby quickly pulled us into the house where everyone was waiting. Mrs. McDonough rushed over and gave me a long hug while her husband nodded and smiled at me over her shoulder unable to greet me. "Can I get either of you a drink or something to eat?"She asked us both while moving over to hug Braiden, as Connor and Riley walked into the room I could see them both roll their eyes at their mother's behaviour.

"No thank you," Braiden politely answered before she nodded and walked out of the room.

Connor walked over and gave me a quick hug before pushing Riley out of the way so he could talk to Braiden. He looked over at me pretending to be sad making me struggle to hold in my laughter. I opened my arms greeting him for a hug; he grinned and quickly walked over to me and lifted me up slightly so I was standing on my tip-toes.

The doorbell then rang making us let go of each other, when Toby opened the door Thomas ran in grinning at us. "It's tour time!"He shouted making us all laugh at him. He gave me a quick hug and kiss on the forehead before moving down the line to greet the others.

Once everyone was settled, we headed to the Camper-van which was now outside and loaded everything on. Once everything was loaded it was dark out and we were all tired. Everyone quickly went over to say their last goodbyes to their family while Braiden and I stood with their manager Phil; our parents were away for work so we had said our goodbyes last week. That was probably why Braiden and I were so close, he had grown up looking after me better than our parents who we were lucky to see for seven days of the month.


When I got on the van everyone was rushing to find where they would be sleeping, I saw Riley waving at me from the back of the van where there was two bunk beds away from everyone else. As I got closer I saw that we had been chucked in the area that was being used to store some of the guy's suitcases. There were small bunks facing each other on the floor, while the top ones were full of bags.

"We've both been chucked over here because were the least loved," Riley said while pouting his lip making him look adorable.

"We can have our own fun," I replied with a laugh making him grin.

I went to the bathroom to quickly change into my pyjamas, when I got back to the bunk Riley already asleep, it always amazed me how he could fall asleep so quickly. I lied in bed waiting to drift off into my own slumber, blocking out the partying that was going on in the front of the bus.


"Madison, wake up!" I felt someone whispering in my ear and gently tapping my shoulder.

"Huh?"I woke up quickly looking around; Riley was leaning by my bunk laughing at me.

"Wake up, were getting off for breakfast soon," He said.

"Five more minutes," I moaned before pulling the cover over my head. I heard him faintly laughing again.

"Okay, you asked for it!"He was suddenly on top of me tickling my sides making me scream out in shock.

"I'll get up! Just stop tickling me!"I begged him. Once he stopped, I pulled the cover off my head and looked at him. I was shocked at how close he was too me. Without realising it we were both moving closer to each other. Just as his lips were about to brush against mine we heard a shout from the front of the van.

"NO YOU CHEATED!"I could tell it was Thomas, probably mad about losing on the x-box to someone. I was going to get him later for ruining the moment.

Riley smiled at me before quickly kissing my forehead and walking out to the front of the van where everyone would be sitting around. Once I had calmed down from shock, I got up and changed into my old black skinny jeans and JAQK glamour kills hoodie that used to be Braiden's. I put my hair in a messy bun, leaving it curly and walked out to the front of the van.

By the time I got there, people had all ready started leaving so I decided to get out as well needing the fresh air. I heard someone else get out of the van and saw it was Riley, Connor and Toby. Toby came over and gave me a quick hug which Riley joined into making me laugh.

"We should have a piggy back race!"Toby shouted making me flinch back from in fright which caused Connor to laugh.

"Toby's mine!"Connor screamed and grabbed Toby before Riley and I could react.

"Fine! We'll still win," Riley argued before crouching down so I could jump on his back. I was glad he couldn't see me because as soon as his hands went to my thighs I felt my face heat up. I put my chin to rest on his shoulder and put my arms around him and held on tight knowing he was going to go as fast as he could because he didn't want to lose against his brothers.

"Okay, Ready, Set, Go!"Toby shouted. Riley sprinted off but I could see Connor and Toby slightly ahead, when we were halfway to the restaurant Riley started to speed up overtaking Connor and nearly making us fall over. We reached the door only a second before Toby and Connor but Riley still did a victory dance with me still on his back making us all laugh.

When we got inside everyone was already in there, the guy's from All Time Low and A Rocket to the moon gave us a quick wave but they were all too busy eating.

"Nice hoodie Madison!"Jack shouted over making everyone roll their eyes.

"Thanks, but the guy that designed it is a douche!"I shouted over laughing.

"I totally agree!"He shouted back with a wink. I found it amusing how at home I felt with all of them, normally I hated talking in big crowds like this.


For the next few hours we all sat in the front area of the van talking and watching the music channels on the TV.

When we reached the venue everyone went off to get their stuff that they needed to take in while I grabbed my camera knowing they'd want me to film as much as possible so they could put it onto their channel. I then followed everyone off the van towards the building secretly filming them walking without them realising, I was sort of hurt at the fact that none of them had turned around to check if I was still with them.

Braiden caught onto what I was doing when we had been walking for about five minutes, he glared and started to run towards me. I dodged him and ran to hide behind Thomas.

Thomas folded his arms and smirked at Braiden showing him that he wasn't going to get me. I stuck my tongue out at him from behind Thomas' shoulder making everyone including Braiden laugh and carry on walking. I guess I could forgive Thomas now.


I sat next to Toby as the guys warmed up for the gig which was starting in an hour. "I've won," Toby shouted causing all the guys too look over.

"No you didn't you little cheater, you had two goes because I weren't looking!" I told him looking down at the scrupled bit of paper which we had been using too play tic tac toe on for the last five minutes. So far he was winning because I was attempting to eat a packet of Oreo's, drink a can of monster, while listening to the guys play.

"Well stop eating and actually try to win!"Toby exclaimed before stealing an Oreo out of my hand. I heard Braiden laugh from the other side of the room making me look innocently at him.

"Good luck with that Toby," He shouted over still laughing before going back to playing the guitar. I slouched down in my seat and carried on eating while glaring at my brother making him lose his concentration and stick his tongue out at me before carrying on playing.


I stood by the side of the stage recording the guys jumping about like hyper dogs on drugs trying to stop myself from laughing so it wouldn't ruin the video. It always brought a smile too my face seeing them so happy on the stage, this night was the first of many that I'd get to see those smiles. I watched as Toby walked on to the stage and sang the last chorus. Riley and Conner's smiles became bigger (if that was even possible) with proudness as they watched their younger brother sing with confidence.

I turned my head and started to watch Riley, it always made me slightly jealous when I heard all them girls declaring their love for him, they were all so much more prettier than me, even after the what I hoped was an almost kiss this morning I still wasn't sure how he felt about me. While I was over analysing everything in my head Riley turned to look at me and grinned at me, I smiled back and give him thumbs up while still holding the camera in my other hand.

I quickly hi fived Toby when he got off the stage and switched the camera into my other arm because I was starting to lose all feeling in it.


I stopped filming as soon as Connor said the goodbyes into the microphone and watched them all descend from the stage. Braiden came over and gave me a hug before going off too hi-five everyone. I looked over and saw Riley running over too me before he pulled me into a tight hug lifting me off the ground making me laugh.

"You stink," I muttered into his shoulder which probably wasn't the best area to be near at this very moment. He just laughed in response before quickly peaking my cheek before rushing off with the others guys hopefully to shower seen as none of them smelt good. I was glad they had all gone because I knew my face was probably as red as a tomato and I didn't feel like getting teased right at this moment.


As soon as we got back on the van, I went to grab my pyjamas which consisted of long Mickey Mouse bottoms and a City (Comma) State t-shirt that had faded too much to wear out. When I was done in the bathroom nearly everyone was in their bunks/beds and others were walking around like zombies so they'd probably be following everyone else's example soon.

Riley was already in his bunk with his eyes closed so he had probably already fallen asleep. Riley and I always kept the curtains to our bunks open whenever we were put in bunks next to each other, which was always. We made a promise that if one of us couldn't sleep at night or if we woke up early and we were bored or upset about something we would wake each other up. There had been a countless number of nights were neither of us had got any sleep because we had stayed up talking, even when we were at home.

It was kind of comforting too think that even if he didn't love me back, then he'd always be there as my best friend.

"Night Rile," I muttered.

"Night Mad," I heard Riley mutter sleepily making me smile before starting to fall asleep.


When I woke up Riley was already up and out of his bunk. I stretched and put my notebook back under my quilt out of sight. I grabbed my black skinny jeans, glamour kills sweatshirt and my Hi-tops before running into the bathroom before anyone else could go in there. After I showered and changed I decided to leave my hair naturally curly seen as it looked a bit tame after the shower. I had a huge bruise on my elbow from accidently hitting by arm against the door handle trying to shower in the small bathroom; I didn't look as painful as it felt.

All the guys were already in the front of the van and changed by the time I had finished. "Morning," I screamed over the loud noise they were making. I received a mumble of good morning from Thomas and Connor who had their eyes glued onto the TV screen, a quick hug from Braiden, a nod and yawn from Toby and a smile from Riley.

I quickly made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down on the sofa next too Connor but stood up immediately and went to sit on my own at the table when he nearly elbowed me while doing his victory dance from winning on the x-box against Thomas nearly making me drop my food.

After I had eaten I went and sat next to Riley who was watching the others with amusement. I turned and put my legs over his lap making him quickly lift his arms up too prevent them getting squished, then putting them back to rest against my thighs. I then put my head against the back of the sofa next to his shoulder finally comfy.

I watched the others play Call a Duty for about 5 minutes but got bored and sneakily looked at Riley who was playing with a loose thread from my jeans. I saw Connor get his phone out and take a picture of us from the Connor of my eye but I was too comfy to care.


I sat in the merch booth with Dan while the others meet all their fans. I got the occasional Hello from some people but other than that they ignored me as I passed Dan the items they wanted but I was kind of happy with that.

Whenever there was no one waiting to buy something we would both loudly start to sing along to the music that was playing from the speakers in the venue.

'I feel like dancing tonight,

I'm gonna party like it's my civil right,

Everybody get kind of awesome.

It doesn't matter where,

I don't care if people stare,

Cause I feel like dancing tonight.'

We both Singed/Yelled while dancing on the spot like idiots. When I heard laughing I turned around and saw Connor bent over with laughter holding his sides. I jumped over the table and ran after him, seen as he was still laughing it slowed him down and gave me an advantage. We had reached the other side of the room before I caught up with him and jumped on his back making him fall into the barrier.

We both stood up laughing and had to lean against the barrier to stop ourselves from falling over again seen as our eyesight was blurry from the tears. After a few minutes we calmed down and quickly hugged before walking back over to everyone seeing that all the fans had gone.

"You idiots ready to go?"Thomas asked looking at us with amusement. For a reply Connor ran and tried to get Thomas in a head lock but ended up just getting pushed away.


When I collapsed in my bunk I accidently cut my hand on the edge of my notebook which was open by my pillow. I looked down at it confused not remembering putting it there; I shrugged it off and quickly chucked it to the end of the bunk when I saw Riley heading towards the bunk. I knew he had seen it when he raised his eyebrows at me once he had got into his bunk. I gave him a sweet smile before lying down and hiding my face in my pillow hoping he wouldn't ask me what it was, I knew I wouldn't be able to lie to him but I knew as soon as he would see it, he would figure out the majority of the song's I have written are about him.

I heard him chuckle quietly before lying down so I was safe until morning.


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