On Tour with B.Y.E

Braiden's little sister joins the band on tour. Riley/OC Riley McDonough, Connor McDonough, Thomas Silvers, Braiden Wood.


4. A Day With A Rocket To The Moon

The next morning when I woke up I couldn't help but smile at Riley's sleeping form, I had been scared that when I woke up I would have turned out to have been a dream, but seeing us holding hands across the floor was all the proof I needed. I unlaced mine and Riley's hand's and got out of the bunk quietly trying not to wake him up. When I walked in to the front area of the van I could see that everyone was still asleep. I looked over at the clock and saw it was only 9;30am, it felt strange being up this early. When I had finished making myself a bowl of cereal I saw Riley walking towards me yawning.

"Morning," He said quickly giving me a kiss before pulling me into a hug.

"Because you've both admitted you like each other now, or whatever is going on with you two, does it mean we have to witness this every day?"Thomas mumbled glaring at us as he sat up in his bed.

"Shut up!"I muttered into Riley's shoulder.

"I'm not sure whether I should think they're cute together or to scream at him to get away from my sister," Braiden said from his bunk.

"Yeah, we get the message, shut up!"Riley said giving me a kiss on the forehead before pulling out of the hug and going to make himself breakfast.

I sat down to eat my cereal as the others woke up and got out of the bunks. Braiden got out of his bunk and ruffled my hair while going past making me glare at him, then he jokingly shoved Riley out the way before turning to give me an innocent smile making me give him the middle finger. He pretended to look shocked before smiling and walking towards the bathroom. Thomas sat down next to me yawning while Connor took up the other sofa which had been turned back from being a pull-out bed.

"So, what are we doing today?"I asked them both.

"Umm, Nick said he was going to come on here after the first stop to help us write some songs," Connor replied with a shrug "We'll probably just hang with the others for the rest of the day." I nodded and carried on eating while listening to them both talk about tonight's show, we were already halfway through the tour I couldn't believe how quickly it had gone but the guy's had loads planned for as soon as they were finished so hopefully I could stay with them.


"Fresh air!"Connor shouted as we got off the van for a pit stop. I laughed and followed the others into the gas station to get some snacks. I started eating my packet of chips as soon as I was out the door, while the others walked behind me. When we all reached the van Nick and Andrew stood with a guitar talking to Phil while waiting for us.

"W'sup guys?"Nick said when he saw us going towards him.

"Same old, same old!"Connor said giving a man hug with the other's behind him.

"Hey Madison," Nick said while giving me a quick hug after Andrew had Hi-fived me "So, what's this about you and Riley then? About time really!"He made a weird movement with his eyebrows making me look confused at him.

"How did you find out so soon?"I asked shocked not only at the fact that he knew, but at the fact that he seemed to know I had liked Riley previously.

"Word spreads quickly in an environment like this darling," He replied before heading onto the van.

By the time I had got onto the van, Nick, Andrew, Connor and Riley were all in the back area while Thomas and Connor were sitting in the front part being lazy. "Should we watch a movie?"I asked them as I sat down next to Braiden who looked up at me from his laptop.

"Shouldn't you do some school work?"He asked raising his eyebrows.

"Well..."I replied trying to think of an excuse but got distracted by Thomas laughing in the background. Braiden put the laptop on my lap and stood up muttering something about going back to sleep. Thomas started laughing the moment Braiden was in his bunk making me glare at him.

"Glare all you want, I'm not the one stuck doing school work," He said before putting his earphones in and lying back down in his bunk.


After I had finished all my work I could still here the other's playing in the back so I grabbed my camera and walked in to listen to them. The four of them glanced up briefly as I stood by them but they went back to full concentration a second later. After I had filmed them for a bit, I chucked my camera into Connor's bunk which was closest and walked back into the front area. Everyone was still doing their own thing so I grabbed my laptop and decided to watch a movie to pass some time. After a while of deciding I choose to watch Easy A, I normally don't like chick flick movies but this one way definitely an exception. When I was halfway through the movie Bradien came and sat by me and pulled the earphones from the laptop so he could hear the movie, he would never admit it but I knew he secretly liked this movie.

"She just mentioned about them getting married, how isn't he freaking out?"Braiden asked as the closing credits started.

"It's a movie B!"I told him laughing while I turned off my laptop.

"Still..."he muttered as the others walked into the room.


When the van stopped we were all excited to get off the van to stretch our legs for a while. I pulled my hoodie over my head quickly and jumped off the bus and waited for the others to get off.

"What's going down today boys?"Eric asked everyone, great I'm classed as a boy now!

"Were going to subway," Andrew said, I turned and saw Riley attempting to get his jacket on while trying to keep up with us all making me laugh, he grinned and walked closer to me. When he had finally got his jacket on he grabbed my hand and walked behind the others.

"I'm a target fan myself," I heard Nick say, I was confused at what they were talking about seen as I had zoned out of the conversation because I was watching Riley.

When we got into the store Connor got inside the trolley while Andrew pushed him around making us laugh. We ended up having to put our items around him in the trolley making him stuck in there until we got to the check-out.

After we had got everything we needed, we rushed out of the store and into the van quickly trying to get to the venue in time for sound check.


As the guys warmed up for sound-check I stood in the middle of the hall filming them seen as I had nothing else to do. Riley started walking towards me pointing at the camera looking a bit like a mad man. When he stood in-front of me I burst out laughing making him smile.

"What on earth was that?"I asked him still laughing.

"Nothing..."He replied still smiling at me.

"Riley, get you're tiny ass on the stage now!"Thomas shouted from behind his drum kit. Riley looked shocked at him for a moment before quickly rushing up to the stage.

"I just got you being mean on film Thomas!"I shouted once I had put my camera in my pocket. Thomas rolled his eyes in response before shouting at the others to start. I knew he wanted to rush sound-check so he could play football with some of the others in the green room before the show started.


When I walked into the dressing room backstage after going to the toilet the first thing I saw was Nick lying on the floor with Riley massaging his back. I burst out laughing and gave Connor a questioning glance who just shrugged at me and walked out of the room with his phone.

"Oh, Madison's getting jealous, back of while you still have a chance Nick!"Justin said from his spot by the door.

"Stay away from my man Nick!"I said glaring at him jokingly. I saw Riley grinning at me from the corner of my eye making smile at him. He winked at me quickly before going back to work on massaging Nick's back. He looks like he's pretty good at it; I'll have to make him do it to me one day...

"Yes! Right there!"I snapped out of my thoughts and laughed at the noises Nick was making.

"And that's my queue to leave," I said while getting up. Nick looked over at me and laughed before putting his head back on the floor.

"Look, you've made Maddie uncomfortable now!"Justin shouted looking up at Nick from his phone. I laughed and brushed Riley's hair out of his face quickly while passing him to the door.

"See you all later," I shouted over my shoulder when I reached the door. I heard Nick and Justin say a goodbye.

"See you later Mad!"Riley shouted making me laugh.

"Dude, you are completely whipped!"Nick mumbled loud enough for me to her, making me blush and rush down the corridor.


"Hey bro" I said while sitting next to Braiden who was playing on his guitar in one of the corridors looking tired after playing their set.

"Hey little sis," He replied smiling.

"What are you up to?"I asked him looking at his guitar making him laugh.

"Just playing my guitar," He said while trying to copy my voice."I was actually hoping you'd play me another song," He gave me a pleading look making me roll my eyes.

"Fine," I sighed taking the guitar off him and quickly tuning it making him grin.

I fake coughed and shuffled a bit pretending to take it very seriously. I actually felt excited to play seen as it was just Braiden here but I'd have to sing louder than normal seen as All Time Low we're in the middle of playing their set.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am going to play my very own song for you, called Beautiful Eyes! Enjoy!" I said in a professional voice making Braiden roll his eyes.

Your beautiful eyes
stare right into my eyes
and sometimes
I think of you late at night
I don't know why
I wanna be somewhere where you are
I wanna be where

You're here
your eyes are looking into mine
so baby make me fly
my heart has never felt this way before
I'm looking through your
I'm looking through your eyes

I wake up, I'm alive
in only a little while, I cry
'Cause you're my lullaby
so baby come hold me tight
'cause I, I
I wanna be everything you need

I wanna be where

You're here
your eyes are looking into mine
so baby make me fly
my heart has never felt this way before
I'm looking through your
I'm looking through your eyes

Just as long as your mine
I'll be your everything tonight.
Let me love you
kiss you
baby let me miss you
Let me see your
Dream about
Dream about
Dream about your eyes
Eyes, eyes, eyes
Beautiful eyes

I raised my hands dramatically and pretended to do a bow before handing the guitar over to Braiden who was smiling. "That was brilliant, why don't you play one of your song's on stage tonight," Braiden said looking like he already knew the answer.

"Dear brother, you make me get on that stage and I make sure you're testicalles never function correctly. Got it?"I asked sweetly.

"Yes," He replied looking scared.


When Braiden and I got into the main seating room where everyone was Riley was sleeping on the sofa with everyone walking quietly around him. At first I thought they we're being nice for once and letting him sleep but then I noticed Connor starting to put food on him while everyone followed his example.

"Connor, don't you think that's a bit mean?"I hesitantly asked, I didn't want to be a buzz kill but if that was me I'd be pissed.

"Nope, stand quietly in the corner Maddie!"He said jokingly pushing me out of the way. "He was stupid enough to fall asleep back here."

When they we're done decorating him I stood by the door way, I felt guilty at what they we're about to do, Riley would stop them if they we're going to prank me, I hope...

"1, 2, 3,"Connor said before they all screamed by Riley making me flinch as it was so loud. I laughed quietly when I heard them all complain when he didn't wake up. They should know by now that nothing can wake Riley up, I'd always been worried about that, what would happen if the fire alarm went off in his house and he didn't hear it... My thoughts were cut short when the guys started screaming again. After a few minutes of screaming I saw Riley turn over and look up at the guys confused.

"Everybody decorated you while you we're asleep!"Connor said happily like a little child as everyone walked out of the room laughing. I watched Riley get up and walk towards me still half asleep. When he reached me I smiled at him and offered him a hand to help him walk. He took my hand a leaned against me rubbing his eyes with his free hand as Connor walked beside us telling him about how dead he was while asleep making me roll my eyes at him.

Once we got back to the van Riley hugged me before walking straight to his bunk still half asleep making everyone laugh. "Maybe we should have let him stay asleep like Maddie said" Thomas said still laughing making me smile and shake my head before walking to my bunk. They never listen to me.

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