On Tour with B.Y.E

Braiden's little sister joins the band on tour. Riley/OC Riley McDonough, Connor McDonough, Thomas Silvers, Braiden Wood.


2. A Day In New York City

"Wake up!" someone yelled in my ear, I sat up quickly in shock to see Braiden next to my bunk laughing.

"It's our day off and were going into New York City!" He said smiling like an idiot "Good luck waking up Riley." After he was out of the room I crawled over to Riley and knelt next to his stomach. I sighed knowing this was going to be difficult.

"Rile wake up," I whispered into his ear while poking his forehead. His eyes flickered open after about five minutes of whispering and looked towards me and smiled. "You gotta get up, were all going out for the day!" I quickly kissed him on the forehead before going to get changed. I was quite impressed that I got halfway to the bathroom before shouting at myself in my mind for kissing him.


When I was dressed and ready everyone was still running about fussing so I went and sat down waiting for them. I took out my phone and looked at my twitter; I had a lot of mentions which was quite unusual. The first thing I saw was that Connor had tweeted the picture of me and Riley that he took the previous day and Riley had re-tweeted it. I hesitated before looking at my mentions;

BYE_Amiee15 aww you're both so cute together ;3

BYEjess Adorable :) xxxx

BYEmrsRileym back off bitch, he's mine!

After reading the first few I closed the app, not wanting any hate comments to ruin my mood. I put my phone in my pocket and closed my eyes waiting for the guys to get ready. By the time they had finished I was already half asleep on the sofa.

"Maddie, were leaving now," Riley whispered into my ear before picking me up off the sofa and put be on the ground. I looked around and saw the bus was empty but I could hear them all outside. "Come along!" Riley sang before grabbing my hand and skipped to the door making me laugh.


About five minutes into the walk I realised Riley hadn't let go of my hand, not that I minded but I could see the others starting to notice. I looked over at Braiden and he was raising his eyebrows at me but I quickly looked away.

I pulled out my camera from by coat pocket and started filming the buildings so Riley and Connor could edit it into the update. I saw Riley watching me so I turned the camera and started to film him so he started making weird faces in front of the camera, I let go of Riley's hand to turn off the camera and put it back in my pocket.

"Come on guys were going on the subway," Thomas shouted as he started running down the steps to go into the underground with the others following him. I followed them all down the stairs getting stuck behind a group of scary looking people. By the time I had gotten down to the bottom I could no longer see the guys, I could only see floods of people. I started to walk forward moving in-between people heading one way hoping it was the right direction. I could faintly hear someone calling my name so I changed direction hoping it was them and not someone just calling someone with the same name as me.

"There she is!"Thomas shouted pointing at me when I nearly fell out of the crowd. Braiden ran up to me and hugged me; I returned it and looked at the others confused over his shoulder who were looking as relived as him.

"We thought you'd been kidnapped!" Braiden explained once he let me going making me raise my eyebrows.

"Umm no, you just lost me in a large crowd," I replied making the others laugh and make Braiden look guilty before pulling me to stand next to the others.

Riley pulled me into a hug when I stood next to him, when he let go I yawned and laid my head against his shoulder. I listened to all the others talk about the plan for the day while waiting to get on the subway; they had apparently already bought the tickets while I was missing. Once it had arrived we all got on and went to stand as a group in the back.

Riley, Braiden and Thomas sat down on the available seats while Connor stayed standing up next to us. I pushed Braiden's hands off his knees and sat down making him roll his eyes and push me back off.

"Bully," I muttered, making a puppy dog face at him hoping he would change his mind but he just looked away before I could have any effect on him. When I turned to look at the other's Riley opened his arms gesturing me to go over. I walked and sat on his lap and put an arm around his neck as he put his arms around my waist. I loved how it was natural for us to act like this with feeling awkward.


Once we got off the subway, we started to walk through the city. Riley and I were walking in the back of the group messing about. Once again we were holding hands but I couldn't tell you how we got in that position.

"So Riley tell my lovely camera where were going," I said making Riley jokingly glare at the camera before talking.

"Were uh, going to the empire state building and Braiden's afraid of heights and were going to make him go to the top," He said before Connor stole the camera to film god knows what.

"Don't break my camera!"I shouted as he ran back to the front.

"You'll probably never see that camera again," Riley jokingly said making me punch him softly in his shoulder with my free hand.


When we got to the Empire State Building, I could see Braiden start to look nervous. As we all stood in the elevator I nudged Braiden to show him I was by him, I knew the calmness he was showing was just an act because he didn't want to come across as a wimp in front of his friends.

When we got to the top floor Braiden looked like he had calmed down a lot. When I looked over the edge I would happily admit that even I was scared, I hadn't realised it was this high up not to mention windy. I put my arms around myself and leant against Riley watching Braiden stand awkwardly with the wind pushing his clothes. My laughter was muffled when a blow a wind went in my mouth making me choke and shiver. Riley put his arm around me and started to rub my arm making me warm up immediately.


After a while we all decided to go and stand inside because it was so cold, I still hadn't been given my camera back yet but I could see Thomas filming Connor with it. Riley still had his arm around me as we watched Braiden walk into the middle of the room and hold out his hand.

"Braiden's putting his hand out and seeing if people will shake his hand," I heard Connor say to the camera. We stood and watched him for at least half an hour before he gave up and walked back towards us.

"I don't understand why they all won't shake my hand," he said laughing.

"Maybe it's because you look weird," Connor said before walking towards the elevator with us following laughing at the look of shock on Bradien's face.


"That was some good pizza!"I said as I threw my napkin on the table. All the others were only halfway through eating theirs.

"Is that why you inhaled it?" Braiden asked with a mouthful of food.

"Yes," I mumbled and stole his drink and took a sip making him glare at me.

"Hey, I paid for that... and your food in fact," He complained. I stuck my tongue out at him and carried on as normal waiting for them all to finish, secretly hoping one of them wouldn't finish their food so I could have the leftovers.

After we had all finished eating we all went for a walk around, we stopped to watch people ice skating not daring to do it ourselves. I put my head on Riley's shoulder listening to the others laugh about people falling and then complain when they didn't fall, waiting for them to lose interest.


When we got off the subway I was starting to get tired and I couldn't be bothered to walk anymore. "Braiden you love me right?" I asked him with a sweet smile. He turned and looked at me suspiciously while the others stopped walking started laughing already knowing what I was trying to do.

"What do you want?"He hesitantly asked.

"Can I have a piggy back please, I'm tired!"

"Fine," He sighed and bent down allowing me to get on his back.

"Thank you, I love you too bro," I mumbled into his neck making him shake with silent laughter.

"So...you play the guitar don't you?" he asked making me look down at him.

"You're the one who taught me why are you asking me that or is your brain now made of jelly from seeing the ground at such height?"I replied.

"Were you ever going to play me them song's you had written or were you planning on keeping them a secret?"He asked me quietly. I think it was safe to say my heart nearly stopped beating because it was pumping so fast at this point.

"You...you found my book?"I asked my voice going an octave higher than usual.

"Yeah, they were pretty good little sis," He answered just before we got back to the van.

I quickly got off his back and walked onto the van before anyone could open the door. I could faintly here the others asking Braiden if I was okay. I got in my bunk and put my pillow over my head so Riley would think I was asleep. I can't let him hear them song's, he'll know straight away that the song's are about him and he'll never want to talk to me again.


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