funniest and dumbest jokes

A day without laughter is a day wasted. To keep you laughing I made this book filled with jokes. Failed a test? Laugh at these jokes. Have a fever? Laugh at these jokes. Got hurt? Just laugh at these jokes. They will make your day better!


5. #7 long

A man sees a girl crying and asked her wats wrong.

Girl: one of my best friends proposed to me

Man: what?! You're just 13 years old

Girl: yeah he can't even understand that

man: kids now and days are very north. If I was the boys parents I would teach him a lesson

Girl: (still crying)

Man: what is the boys name

Girl: Joey

Man: Joey Lawrence?

Girl: yeah

Man: no it can't be!!!!!!! He is my son!!!!!!

Girl: what?

Man: good thing I found out about it I am gonna teach him a lesson!!

Girl: good. And tell him that I hate him a lot

Man: okay. You're only 13 don't have an affair

Girl: naahh I have 6 boyfriends

Man: unbelievable when my wife was your age she had 7!!!

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