Don't let me go

I was in love. Something tragic occurred. I had to leave. I had to leave him. I left. 2 years later I came back. We met up again, he had moved on. I wouldn't dare think of moving on, my heart belonged to him. Only him. I had to play it cool, even though I still loved him. He did what I was afraid of. He let me go.


6. Co-Author ?

 Hello there ! As I said before I have major writers block still ! Uhm ... If anybody would like to Co-Author with me you can contact me from the following:


Kik: Girls_Like_Cupcakes_

Instagram: awkwardduckyjr

Twitter: Mariah_Renee01

And of course you could always just comment if you want to Co-Author with me and I'll see how it works. Like I said if I can't find somebody to Co-Author with me then I might end the story ... :( So you guys should help me find a Co-Author or contact me and tell me ideas of what could happen next ! I'll probably use you're ideas if you send any in to me ! So if you want to contact me through Twitter just follow me and tweet me telling me that you are familiar with my Movella and I'll follow you back and you can DM me your idea ... Or you could just tweet me your idea if you want ! :) Lots of love ! xx. ~Mariah <3~ 

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