Summer Love

Two girls.... best friends. They were separated when one of them had to move countries.... But they reunite in the summer. It was just suppose to be them both. But what happens when they meet two unexpected boys.... from their favorite boy band?? Would it just get awkward?? Or is their really love in the air??


3. Gifts

We ended up staying at the park for a while because when we returned back to the house, the sun was starting to set.  And when we got there, I guess that was when the party truly started because there were people drinking, and dancing on the dance floor to the cumbias that were blasting through the speakers.

"I think it got louder since he left" I yelled to Alejandrina, as it was too loud to speak at a normal tone. She just nodded her head in agreement, before she motioned me to follow her upstairs.  Entering my room, we just sat on my bed.  She stood to go look through my bag for something.  "What are you looking for?" I asked.

"Your CD's, you brought them right?" She replied, continuing to look through the bag.

"What CD's?"I asked.  Did I even bring any?

"Up All Night and Take Me Home..... you brought them right?" She turned to ask me.  Oh! those CD's! I totally forgot that I brought them!

"Oh! yeah...... there in one if the small front pockets.  She looked there and found them quickly.  She went toward where the stereo was located, before pressing a button and bringing it to life.  Inserting the disk, we waited a few seconds before the music started to play.  She had inserted the Up All Night disk, for What Makes You Beautiful was the first song that started to play.  Alejandrina turned the volume up high before she started to sing along and start dancing randomly.  I couldn't help but laugh.  She wasn't the best dancer, but not the worst.  But it was so funny watching her dance.  I missed her so much back in America.  It felt different without here there at school with me.  There were so many things that we could have done, but couldn't do because she was here.  So for the next few weeks or so, we will most likely be inseparable.  Well enough welling on the past.  I get up and join her in her random dancing and also start singing along to the songs.  We continue this for a while because before we know it, its already midnight.  We don't stop though, because the music outside had never ceased to lower in the volume, but more like I think it got louder; If that was possible.

"Are you going to sleep over?" I ask her once he decided to take a rest from all the dancing we have been doing.

"Yeah....... I'm too tired to go all the way home to sleep" She replied, looking at the covers of the CD's.

"OH! i almost forgot! I brought you things" I stated smiling, while getting up from the bed and walking over to the smallest bag that i have brought.

"You did? What did you bring me?" She asked sitting up, interested to find out what it is that i have brought he.  I opened the bag and took out a cup, a shirt, buttons, and a notebook.  The surprise about those things? They had Niall on them of course!

"Here" I stated as I handed her the things.  She looked like she was ready to scream.  She refrained from doing so, but I did see a huge smile cross her lips.

"OH.MY.GAWD! I love them!!!!" She squealed in delight as she jumped on top of me and strangling me in a big hug.  I tried hugging her as much as I could, but it barely worked for me had ended up on the floor.  Ow! My head!

"C-can't b-breathe" I joked, pretending that I was out of air.  She released me and we both just layed there, side to side, before we burst out laughing.  I totally missed my best friend.


Well.... that's it for this chapter..... how was it? yo guys liked it? Alejandrina?

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