Desperate ~ Niall Horan Romance

When 18-year-old Alison Reed can't take her life any more, she runs. And when she runs, she runs hard. Into Niall Horan. Her ex-boyfriend is a kleptomaniac, who constantly tries to ruin her life. She finds comfort within the arms of Niall Horan and decides to stay a while. When the paparazzi gets the better of her, she does what she does best- run. Will she ever find her way back to Niall, or will she keep running forever?


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two:

When we got to our suite, I crashed on the nearest couch. Tom brought my bags in and I nodded a thanks. My mother sat down next to me and placed a hand on my back. "Sweetie. One Direction is here." I sat straight upright and stared at her in disbelief. I didn't really like them, they were more of my guitly pleasure. My mom smiled and handed me a slip of paper. "This is a ticket to their concert tonight. I know it seems a bit sudden, but I hope you enjoy it." I flew into her arms and gave her the biggest hug I could muster. "Oh thank you mom! I love you! I love this place!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I danced around the room for a little bit, then abruptly stopped. I started pacing frantically around, shaking my head and muttering to myself. My mom looked confused and I decided to let her in on my problem. "I don't know what to wear!" I wailed. "I didn't bring anything nice... Oh mom!" She simply shook her head then offered a hand. I took it, and she pulled me to the door. "Let's go shopping."

• • •

After two hours of shopping, we finally decided what I was going to wear. My outfit consisted of black skinny jeans, a loose red tank-top, black heels and a small clutch. I did my make-up slowly and evenly in the bathroom, applying just a little of everything. I hated when girls had too much make-up on. I swiped some lipgloss across my lips and smiled at my reflection. I considered myself slightly attractive and tonight I saw a happy 18 year-old girl ready to go to the best night ever! I sent a quick text with a picture included to my best friend Ariella.

To: Ariella Franks <3-

Going to a 1D concert tonight! Soo pumped!!!! =D =* xx

From: Ariella Franks <3-

EEEE! Wish I was there! Send pics!

I put my phone in my clutch and started towards the door.

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