Desperate ~ Niall Horan Romance

When 18-year-old Alison Reed can't take her life any more, she runs. And when she runs, she runs hard. Into Niall Horan. Her ex-boyfriend is a kleptomaniac, who constantly tries to ruin her life. She finds comfort within the arms of Niall Horan and decides to stay a while. When the paparazzi gets the better of her, she does what she does best- run. Will she ever find her way back to Niall, or will she keep running forever?


2. Chapter One

Chapter One:

The police found me hiding in the forest last week and brought me to a mental ward. I thought that it was a bit extreme, but I understood their concern. They told me that I needed to talk to a psychologist to relax my mind and relieve the stress. Rob had been caught and he was in jail for theft. I took a deep breath. A police man approached me.  The big guy patted me awkwardly on the back and I gave him a weak smile. He told me that Rob's parents were also taken into prison. 'How can things be going so well for me?' I thought.

Later that day my mom picked me up. She was trying not to cry but once we got to the car she let it all out.

"Oh Alison, I'm so sorry this had to happen to you! I hope you know your father and I love you very much and never want anything like this to happen again!" She sobbed. I pulled her into a hug and she put a hand on the back of my head. When she pulled away she tilted my head down.

"We have decided that for the summer we are going to Ireland. I hope you don't mind, sweetie. I know running won't get us anywhere, but I think we all need a break. Don't you agree?" She looked at me hopefully. I sighed and nodded. Even though I ran every time...

• • •

After all of my bags were loaded into the car, I felt excitement flowing through my body. 'Maybe I'll meet someone new...' I thought. Even though I was a little on edge with the male gender, I figured a new friend would cheer me up. My older brother Thomas jumped into the back next to me and immediately turned his iPhone on and and texted mine. I rolled my eyes as I unlocked it and replied to his message.

From Tom Reed:

Heyy you excited?

To Tom Reed:

Why don't you just talk to me?

He looked up from his phone and just shook his head. I turned mine to the window, watching the trees go by. After an hour we reached the airport. After we had gotten through security and loaded our luggage, we had a half-hour until the plane left. When we boarded I called the window seat. My family was seated in first class so there were only two seats per row. I dosed off before the flight started...

• • •

When we reached the other airport we hurried off the plane. When we reached our hotel a mob was outside of it. "Hah, we are already famous!" Tom joked. He slung an arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a hug. "Have fun, little sister." He whispered right before he shoved me away. "Hey!" I protested. We walked into the hotel and tried to aviod paparazzi. One man grabbed my arm and asked, "How does it feel to be staying at the same hotel as world-famous pop stars?" My dad pushed the guy away and we rushed to the desk.

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