Is This Real?

Bailey Sims, your average 17 year-old, finally gets to visit her cousin, Louis Tomlinson and finds out he is part of a band, One Direction, she meets them all, when a plane crash, destined to arrive at Greece, AND carrying her family in progress, crashes near their house, her mom? Dead, step-father? Insane and gone. And brothers? Scarred for life. Now what? Louis tries to keep up with, well, everything. What will happen? Will her step-father come back? Will they have to move in with their grandparents in Madagascar? Read to find out!


11. You're Who?

Niall's POV


    "I asked a question." Bailey stared at me. "What do you mean? Louis...get the nurse." He hurried off as she started to glare. "Who ARE you and WHAT am I doing here?!" "I'm your friend, Niall! Remember?" the nurse and Louis rushed in. "Nurse! Why a nurse! Why am I in a freaking hospital! Louis you better explain this, NOW!" "She may have about a year or so of memory loss, sir,  but you are very lucky because it will definitely return. We also need to run a few tests before releasing her to go home." "Thank you, nurse." Lou grinned at her then a wave of sadness washed over his face as he walked next to Bailey. "So, Bail, well this is what happened: Your family was on a plane to Greece while you spent the time here in England with me and my bandmates." his voice cracked a bit. "That plane crashed and you almost lost a brother, and your insane step-dad is on the loose, while your mum died in the crash. You were later shot by your dad, and I guess this is all." Bailey looked shocked. "So, my mom died." she looked down. she started crying. I put a hand over her shoulder, trying to comfort her, mirroring Louis.


((((((((((3 weeks of boring unnecessary back to this...event :)  )))))))))


Louis's POV


    "Bailey! Guess whaaaat." I skid to a stop when I reached her bed side. "Whaat, Lou." she glared at me as I woke her up. "you are free to go." I helped her up and out of the bed and helped her to the car. "Finally out of that place." she smiled. Everyone else came around to introduce themselves, again, to /bailey, so they also spent this day welcoming her home with a banner and all those good things. After 20 minutes we arrived home. I helped her to the door, and we opened it to find it dark, so I flicked on the lights. "WELCOME BACK!" everyone cheered. It was perfect to her. She truly smiled, and I sat her on the couch.


Bailey's POV


    I was surprised. I couldn't find a way to regain my voice, it was too sweet. So, I just kept smiling, until I could. "You guys did this for me? Thankyouthankyuthankyouthankyouthankyou!" I hugged Lou, and everyone else. We then all sat and talked the rest of the day. It felt as if nothing had happened. We all then decided to play a game, WHICH, I in fact won.


    I sat in between Niall and Perri when we watched a movie by the twins' choice, Despicable Me 2. I absolutely love that movie and we all enjoyed it. Louis and Zayn went to put the twins in bed when they had to go to sleep, and we weren't all going to sleep without watching Insidious: Chapter 2. When Lou and Zayn got downstairs, we started the movie. Perri and I were literally dying at scary parts {{{{{{A/N: I DONT WANT TO SPOIL THE MOVIE TO ANYONE, SORRY THIS SUCKS!!!}}}}}}} I pulled my legs closer to my body to tear my face away from the movie. I heard some screams. Hey, did I tell you how terrified I am of scary movies? Yea, didn't think so. When I heard those screams, I shoved my hands in my face and scooted into Niall's arms. He seemed a bit scared himself, but whatever. However, Eleanor seemed to be the only girl here enjoying the movie. I noticed that Danielle was nowhere to be found. In fact, she wasn't here even earlier today. Liam was just sitting there, he looked a bit sad. It might have been from the movie, but I would probably ask him tomorrow or something. I was way to focused on the fact that I was in NIALL'S arms, and that I came to the conclusion that I like the way he was sweet, and he had a great laugh, and damn did he look hot. I think I'm falling for him.


Niall's POV

    Well, this was perfect. I was finally holding my angel. Bailey looked adorable when she was scared, and I couldn't help but stare at her. The movie then ended, sadly, but she wouldn't move off. Was she asleep? In my arms? Thank God. I looked at everyone else only to find all the girls, Liam, Louis, and Zayn asleep. Harry and I were the only ones awake, well, barely. Harry looked like he was half asleep and half awake. "I know you like her." He smirked at me then kept shifting his eyes from me to Bailey. "Shhh, would ya? I don't want anyone to hear you." he just rolled his eyes and turned to change his position on the couch, so I placed my eyes on her sleeping form then I let my drowsiness take over.

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