Is This Real?

Bailey Sims, your average 17 year-old, finally gets to visit her cousin, Louis Tomlinson and finds out he is part of a band, One Direction, she meets them all, when a plane crash, destined to arrive at Greece, AND carrying her family in progress, crashes near their house, her mom? Dead, step-father? Insane and gone. And brothers? Scarred for life. Now what? Louis tries to keep up with, well, everything. What will happen? Will her step-father come back? Will they have to move in with their grandparents in Madagascar? Read to find out!


2. The Call

     Bailey's POV

     "Hello?" I picked up my phone, four missed calls?

"Hey, Bailey!" A British voice sounded through the phone.

"Who are you and why did you call me?" 

"Umm, duh! It's Louis!" It finally clicked, it's my cousin!

"Well, ok so one question for you-" he cut me off,

"How are Sam and Luke doing?"

"Fine bu-" and he cut me off again.

"What about Auntie Jamie and Uncle Danny?"


"Yes, Bae?" Lou always found me a crazy nickname, every time I visit or talked to him.

"Well, I've been thinking, my parents and brothers are gone so can I come to England tomorrow?"

"Sure, Love! I have to warn you though I do have four friends, so, don't tackle them like you did to me when I randomly walked in the house!" He laughed at me.

"Hey! That could've been a murderer or a-"

"Hey, I've got to go! See you soon, Bae?" 

"Okay bye!" I clicked the 'end call' button, oh god, I need to pack and get everything i need!


                                                                            Louis' POV

    Now, that I know she's coming, i need to prepare. The boys will be here any minute and mum is going away for a few weeks.

"You really think so?"

"No, I mean, yes?"

'Oh no, I can't tell them, aha! I know the perfect thing to say!' I open the door and the boys along with Perrie, Danielle, and Eleanor come in. Harry and Niall were having a 'who can stuff more food in their mouths' contest. Liam and Dani are sitting on the couch, chatting. Zayn and Perrie as well are sitting on the opposite side, chatting. Eleanor comes up and kisses me on the cheek.

"Hey, Love!" I kiss her on the cheek too.

"OKAY! I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!" Catching everyone's attention, I continue, "Someone is coming tomorrow and I want nobody, and I mean NOBODY, be mean to 'it'."

"Do ve fave fo be fin suspenfse?" Niall's stiffed mouth blocks some of the words but i make out what he said.

"Yes, you shall be left in suspense of who 'it' is until tomorrow." Everyone goes throughout the day and nobody asks any questions, i wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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