Is This Real?

Bailey Sims, your average 17 year-old, finally gets to visit her cousin, Louis Tomlinson and finds out he is part of a band, One Direction, she meets them all, when a plane crash, destined to arrive at Greece, AND carrying her family in progress, crashes near their house, her mom? Dead, step-father? Insane and gone. And brothers? Scarred for life. Now what? Louis tries to keep up with, well, everything. What will happen? Will her step-father come back? Will they have to move in with their grandparents in Madagascar? Read to find out!


7. Plan?

    Liam's POV

    "When are they coming?" Zayn whinned. "Be PATIENT!" Geez, can't he wait? But, then again, where could they be, maybe they stopped for gas? "We are baaaack!" Bailey shot through the door, just in time. "Finally!" Zayn breathed. "So, now what?" we all stood around, when the doorbell rang. "YES THE  PIZZA IS HERE!" Niall jumped up and down excitedly. "When the hell did you order pizza?" Harry questioned. "Language, please!" Bailey shot a glare at Harry. "Sorry," I walked to the door, and four pies were in the guy's hands. I paid for it, and we all sit down,

Niall's POV

    "FOOD!!" I screamed, which caused Liam to almost drop the pizza. "Geez, Niall!" Liam shot me a glare. "Hey, I barely ate today!" I put my hands up. Bailey, and the boys started laughing at me. I shoved two pizzas down my throat and I kept thinking about Bailey, she was be-a-utiful! Surely, she already has someone already, right? "Niall? NIALL!" "Huh, oh hi." I was, according to Zayn, been staring at the last pizza for minutes. "Dude, if you want it so badly, take it." Zayn laughed. I snatched the last one and threw out the boxes. Rubbing my stomach in satisfaction, I grinned, "Yummy," which earned me seven laughs from everyone.

Zayn's POV


    Sitting in my room, I thought of what happened the past few months. Poor Bailey, she must be depressed. The accident happened about a month ago and she hasn't been talking as much as she use to since the accident, I mean, at least I would be like that. If my mum died, I'd be devastated! I heard a knock on the door,"Come in," I glanced at the mirror, fixing my quiff ((a/n: sorry if I spelled it wrong!)) Perrie skipped into my room, "Hello, love!" I flashed her a smile. "How is she?" "Okay, I guess."    looked at her,  "Don't worry, she'll come back go reality someday," we talked for about an hour and she mentioned that Danielle, Eleanor, and herself were going to the mall. "Bailey should come, it would take her mind off things for a while!" Perrie suggested. "You  right, ok I'll tell her you're going tomorrow?" "Yes." "Okay, Love," I pecked her on the cheek cheeks she left.

    "Come on Bae!" I walked down the steps and saw Louis begging on his and knees to Bailey. She shook her head no. "Nooo!" She held out the 'o'.  "Fine!" Louis pouted and stood up. As Louis walked away, I approached her. "Hey!" I started to tell her about tomorrow, "Okay, whatever." She smiled and walked to her room. Finally, SOMETHING went well.


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