What If... (One Direction Imagines)

Hey! So if you want an imagine, just comment and tell me your name, hair color, eye color, personality, which boy you want it with, the situation you want, and weather or not you want it dirty.(: I'm doing ALL of them!(:


3. Maggi ♡

Harry's POV:

"I'm serious, I am superman!" Louis exclaimed as the rest of the lads and I continued to laugh, harder by the second. "Lou-" I begin, but stop when I see a beautiful girl with gorgeous red hair standing across the street talking to a blonde girl, with a breath-taking smile on her face as she laughs at something the blonde girl says. "What is it, mate?" Zayn asks, seeing me staring across the street into her beautiful eyes. I say nothing, speechless due to her beauty. Liam follows my gaze and says, "He's looking at those two girls." Liam nods in the direction of the girls and the rest of the lads look over at them. "Oh, that blonde girl is pretty hot," Zayn says. I shake my head and say, "No, her friend. She's breath taking. I've never seen eyes that sparkle like hers and a smile that can light up a whole city. And her hair, her gorgeous brown hair! She's just so beautiful, her lips so kissable," I whisper, still mesmerized by her beauty.

Maggi's POV:

I laugh and Cassie looks across the street, a grin spreading across her face. "What?" I ask, following her gaze across the street to five guys. "That guy is totally checking you out," she laughs. "Nuh uh! Which one?" I ask, not believing her. "The one with brown, curly hair," she exclaims. "I look at the curly haired guy and see that he is, in fact, staring at me. He catches my eye for a split second and I quickly glance away and out of the corner of my eye, I see that he does the same. I smile slightly and Cassie says, "Wait! Maggi, that's One Direction!" I chuckle at her wild imagination and glance back at the five boys. I realize that she's right. "You're right!" I exclaim. She quickly grabs my arms and drags me across the street to where my all time favorite boy band is standing. "What are you doing?" I whisper shout. "We are so not gonna pass up the opportunity to meet One Direction!" she squeals, excitedly as we approach the spot that they're standing on. 

Harry's POV:

Her friend looks at us and says something and then the gorgeous girl looks at me. I catch her eye for a moment and then she quickly looks away and I do the same. A second later, I look back at her. Her friend says something and she laughs and looks at us again. She says something and then they start walking towards us. Wait, are they coming over here? "Are they coming over here?" I ask the boys. "Looks like it," Zayn smirks. I roll my eyes at him and see he girls approaching us. "H-hi," the blonde girl squeals. I nod at her slightly, never taking my eyes from the redhead. "I'm Harry," I say quietly, extending my hand toward the redhead while the rest of the lads talk her blonde friend. "Maggi," she says, shaking her hand. Maggi, I love the sound of that, Maggi. "What a beautiful name," I say. She giggles slightly and her cheeks turn red. "Thanks, I love your music," she says. "Thanks," I smile. "It took my friend and I a second to realize who you guys were and I didn't believe her for a second when she said you were One Direction," she giggles and I chuckle at how cute she is.

Harry's POV:

He chuckles and says, "Well, I must admit, I may have been staring at you just a little bit." I laugh. "Just a little bit?" I ask, sarcasm ringing in my voice. He chuckles and says, "Okay, a lot. But, cut me some slack, you're gorgeous, I couldn't help myself." I giggle as I feel my cheeks turn a dark shade of red. "Aww, look who's blushing," I hear Cassie joke before going back to her conversation with Zayn. I playfully slap her arm and turn my attention back to Harry. "Thanks," I mumble, referring to his compliment. "Just being honest," he smiles. I giggle and he says, "How would you feel about allowing me to take you out sometime?" "I'd love that," I say, smiling like an idiot. A grin spreads across his face as he says, "How about tonight?" he asks. I nod with a grin still plastered on my face and he says, "I'll pick you up at five-thirty?" I agree and we exchange phones to exchange numbers. I put my number and address in his phone and give him his phone back. When he hands me my phone back, I say, "See you tonight." He smiles and hugs me good-bye. I wave good-bye as Cassie and I begin to walk in the opposite direction, towards our apartment. "Well, that went well," she smiles. "For you too?" I ask. She nods and says, "I got Zayn's number." I smile and say, "That's SO great! Harry and I are going out tonight. He's picking me up at five-thirty." "REALLY?!" she squeals as we walk into our apartment building. I nod with a grin as I dig my key out of my purse. We walk into our apartment and I say, "What should I wear? I have to look perfect!"

Harry's POV:

I walk into my bedroom and choose an outfit. I lay it out on the bed and walk into the bathroom to take a shower.

~15 minutes later~

I walk back into my bedroom, get dressed, and finish getting ready. Then, I look at the clock and see that it's 5:20. I hurry out of my bedroom and walk out the front door, telling the lads bye on my way out. I get into my car and put the address she gave me into me GPS. I drive to her apartment, stopping at the florist on the way there. I arrive at 5:29 and walk into the apartment building. I walk to her door and knock three times. I wait for a few seconds until her friend, Cassie I think, answers the door. "Come in, she'll be right out," she says, with a warm smile. "Thanks," I say, following her into the living room. Just then, Maggi, walks out, looking absolutely gorgeous. "You look breath taking," I say as she spins around with a giggle. "Thanks," she says, blushing slightly. I hand her the flowers I got her and she grins, "Thank you," she gushes. Cassie takes them and says, "I'll get them in water. You love birds better get going. I chuckle as we walk to the front door and walk out as Cassie calls, "Don't stay out too late now, kids!" We laugh as I lead her to my car. I walk her to the passenger seat and open the door for her, helping her in and then hurrying around to my side. I start the car and begin to drive. "So, where are you taking me?" she asks. "It's a surprise," I say with a smile. She grins and turns the radio on and "One Thing" comes on. I sing it to her and she begins to blush like crazy. I chuckle and continue to sing to her until we pull up at "Leanos", she gasps and says, "Harry, this place is so fancy." I smile and say, "Anything for you," as I get out and hurry around to open the door for her. I help her out, closing the door behind her, and walk her in the front doors as the restaurant. "Reservation for two under Styles," I say to the lady. She checks her list and nods with a smile, leading us to a table near the back. She takes our drink orders and leaves.

~2 hours later~

She laughs uncontrollably as I walk her to her door. "Harry, I had an amazing time," she smiles sweetly. "So did I," I say, brushing a strand of hair out of her face and leaning in. I close my eyes as my lips hit hers.


A/N: Here ya go! I really hope you like it!(: Please let me know what you think!(:

xoxo ~AlyJay(:

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