My Secret

Everyone has some sort of secret. No matter how small nor how big. Arianna has a secret that not even her best friends know, but every secret must rise to the surface.


1. The Weird Girl

Stay hidden. Don’t let anyone know who you truly are. They will find you and kill you too.

        That was the last thing my mom told me before she was murdered. It wasn’t enough that the same man killed my father when I was three he had to take my mother’s life when I was ten. It’s scary I barely remember my father; I can’t remember the color of his eyes or the way he smiled. I wonder if I resemble him at all.

        The one thing I do recall is the way my mom suffered. I recall seeing her blood pour out of her mouth. He made her suffer before killing her. I remember her being electrocuted till she fell to her knees on the wooden floor of the kitchen. She begged for mercy, but he just laughed at her agony. It’s funny how well I remember that maniacal laugh, those vivid black eyes with that blood stained black hair lying right above them. “You want mercy?” He asked, but his tone let me believe that it was a rhetorical question. I watch my mother slowly nod. He smirked and wrinkled his brow. I witnessed something I have never seen before. My mother’s eyes illuminated gold as she reached for the butcher knife on the counter and pierced it through her heart. The blood spewed out of her mouth as she fell to the floor, all the warmth racing out of her body. I don’t know how I survived. I remember him looking at me, pointing his hand at me and then everything went black.

            I woke up the following morning to see my mom laying in a pool of blood. Her blood and now I’m the only one alive. My aunt and uncle send me money now so I can live on my own. They won’t tell me why they won’t live with me, but it has made me more independent. I live in a different town and go to high school now that I’m eight-teen. I’m completely alone trying to blend in and hiding who I really am. Nobody understands me. They just see me as the “weird girl.” I have just three friends; Danny, Will, and Carrie who I would do anything for and they would do the same for me.



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