'What happens when your favourite daisy is picked from the earth and you can't retrieve it back? There's just a big gap that can not be fulfilled. Not until you find the exact daisy that's missing, you're incomplete.'

Ellie and Daisy are soulmates, but something more sinister is awakening. More and more strange occurences are happening, and children are going missing.

Normally they'd shrug the subject off and run off in the abundant forest that unites there imagination.
But Ellie knows that there's something quite not right about Daisy, and that there's something quite not right with her 'new friend'. Especially after Daisy is picked.

1. Daisy.

It was a day in mid June. Clouds were scattered amidst in the azure sky, the sun glistened down penetrating my skin in a gingerly manner, and everything felt effortless. Beautiful, mesmerising, flawless. Yet subtly enhanced and speculated in the highest definition.

"Nice - isn't it?"  Daisy asked. (Well knowing her, she hadn't really asked, she had implied.)

I smiled and nodded simultaneously agreeing with her. I loved the tone of her angelic voice.

I watched as she closed her delicate eyelids. Her crimson hands were clutched on the swing, her dirty blonde hair illuminated in the sun and turned golden, and her honey freckles scattered across her heart-shaped face comfortably.

She wore her same old pale laced dress as she rocked slowly on the swing which hung onto our favourite tree.

I let her embrace her thoughts for a moment as I cast my eyes on the field. By now the grass was tall, healthy and prickly. However my attention was drawn to the flowers festooned all over. Especially the Daises they were the prettiest of them all.

I did my best in inhaling the vast amount of air; it proved  too fresh for my lungs so I exhaled almost immediately from the overwhelming impact.

As I did my long brown hair lay limp around my face. I wriggled my head as it blocked my vision but Daisy's hair lay in precise blonde ringets on her dainty back.

"It's good to get out you know, I mean after all that's happened recently." I said.

"What do you mean?" Daisy replied obliviously. She raisd her eyebrows a fragment as her eyelids stayed firmly shut.

I gulped a little. "I mean all the disappearances lately, it's pretty fucked up." I spat digusted at the subject.

Daisy smiled showing her pearly teeth. "Yeah - It's fucked up alright - we best not be next. You never know." She joked.

I swung on the swing next to her to help me think."I just don't get it though. Whoever it is, why are they doing it, does it give them some twisted satisfaction?"

Daisy opened her eyes and looked at me - giving me back the same face as I gave her. "I honestly don't know." She replied, brushing off the subject.

But I was so intrigued and fascinated by it all and I thought she would of been too. Although I was doubted; she had changed slightly since meeting her 'new friend'.

She didn't discuss things as she normally would. It was if she had a completely different outlook on life itself, as if such things were so unimportant. Whoever had made her think this way thought that too,  they had different things on their minds. It was sad to admit but Daisy and her 'new friend' were more alike nowadays and I had no say in it.

Daisy was my soul mate, my puzzle piece, my best friend. I wasn't bound to let someone ruin that bond.

"No offence Daisy but what about your 'friend'?"

"What about my friend?" She said skeptically, scanning my face as if there was something she had misread.

"Is that the reason you won't let me meet her?, or tell me anything about her?" I said in annoyance.

"What are you getting at Ellie?, you know that if I could tell you, I would!" Daisy frowned at my unfairness.

I shook my head in confusion, as the sun started to fade on the horizon, it wasn't as blinding now. "But you can tell me Daisy. We're best friends!"

Daisy sighed deeply and she looked away. "I just can't okay... it's complicated." She shook her head and her ringlets swayed a little.

But I didn't take her into consideration. I got up off the swing in anger and frustration. She didn't even bother to ask where I was going. 'I might as well leave' I thought to myself. It wasn't like we actually waited and watched the sunset anymore.

By this time she would of already been off to see her new friend. I was furious at the thought. I thundered all the way home - muttering to myself - not watching where I stepped. (Not even caring if I stood on a delicate daisy.)



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