If Only I Knew

Niall and Kaitlyn had know each other since birth. But when Kaitlyns dad gets a job offer in Houston, Texas, will Niall ever find kaitlyn again? Read it to find out!


1. Meeting again!


Kaitlyns POV


Tonight was just another night shift at Starbucks. Normally we don't have many night customers, other than the usual. I heard the bell go off, so that meant another customer. He was wearing a hoodie, Ray-Bans and a snap back. "Hello, welcome to Starbucks. My name is Kaitlyn, what would you like to drink?" "Um, I'd like 2Chai Tea Lattés, 2 Carmel Mociatos and 1 Hot Chocolate." slurred a thick Irish accent. Wait, I'd know that accent from anywhere. "NIALL!!" I whisper yelled. "Um yes that's me, would you like an auto graph?" he said sighing. "Gosh, take off your glasses and look at who you're talking to."I stated firmly. "OH MY GOSH!!!!! KAITLYN!!" "Ya. What are you doing here in Houston?" "I'm on tour with 4 other lads. I cant believe you got the job at Starbucks. I know how much you wanted that!" "KAITLYN!! YOUR SHIFT IS OVER HAVE A NICE NIGHT!!" my boss yelled from his tiny office. "THANK YOU!! So I guess since I'm off work, we can catch up?" "yea. But let's go to my place because the lads will be mad at me if I don't bring them their coffee." "Okay nialler. Just let meet changed and we can gooo" 

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