If Only I Knew

Niall and Kaitlyn had know each other since birth. But when Kaitlyns dad gets a job offer in Houston, Texas, will Niall ever find kaitlyn again? Read it to find out!


10. 1 year later!!!

// Just wanted to say, this is where it gets WAY innappropriate. So if you aren't at least 13-14 or older, then I suggest you stop reading//


Kaitlyns POV

All the boys decided to go watch a movie and go to aparty, but I wasn't feeling that good, so me and Niall stayed home. When the movie we were watching was getting boring,I told Niall that I wanted to go upstairs. "okay Kaity, wait. OH!!" he said, blushing a crimson red. "yea.." I said blushing a bit too. 

*skip going upstairs*


Niall gently lauded me down on the bed, and started kissing me. He started removing my shirt, moving hid lips down to my neck, I moaned as he hit the sweet spot on my neck. Then he started moving down to my breasts, kissing them, sucking on them. He finally got to my shorts. "I love these shorts, but  think they look better on the floor than on you right now." he said with a smirk. He tore my shorts off, and kissed down my stomach, almost to my clit, but then he stopped. I moaned in pleasure, as he blew on my clit. Then out of no where, he shoved a finger into me, earning a loud moan from me. "Niall, go faster" I scream. He picks up the pace, when I'm almost at my climax, he stops. "UGHH!!! Niall why did you stop??" I asked, out of breath. "because I'm about to do this" then he slides his dick into me, stopping only for a second, for me to adjust. Then he starts up again. "Niall go faster" I moan, then as if on time, he starts going as fast as he can, then I climax. I moan the loudest moan I could, and that must've set Niall off, because then he cclimaxed. 

AN/// hope you liked the chapter. 


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