Brea has a pretty hard life. Considering her strict father who doesn't let her do anything. She then ran away and met one boy. Then four others. But will one get jealous.??


9. Liam Likes Me*

                                               NIALL'S P.O.V

                   I still cant believe everything that happened to Brea yesterday. But she was all fine now. She fell asleep in my bed, so I decided to go have a chat with Liam. I saw him walking on the road so I went outside and walked over to him.

" Did you have anything to do with Brea and her dad finding her" I said to him getting angry

"No, I swear" I could tell he was getting scared.

"How else would her step father find her, especially at my flat? Because I swear if you hurt her in anyway your going to regret it. Badly."

"Fine it was me, and I do regret doing it to her" I got real angry. I ran up and threw a punch

"STOP!" Liam yelled

" No you hurt her, so you have to pay"

"She isn't yours" I punched him in the stomach and one last time in the face and he blacked out in the middle of the road. I just left with a few cuts here and there. When I got to the outside of my flat Brea was standing there. I stood there staring at her. I was to angry so I walked right past her hitting her arm when I walked by.

                                       BREA'S P.O.V

             Well.. that was a bit rude. I still cant believe that they fought. Well, Niall did. I felt bad for Liam. He was just sitting there in the middle of the road in tears. I took a few steps towards him and looked back seeing that Niall was watching me shaking his head no. But I ignored him and ran to Liam. I sat next to him and put my arm around him and gave him a hug. "Are you alright?" I asked him

"Yeah I think"

"Hey, I know that you called my step father on me, but its fine. I'm not mad at you." He smiled and gave me a hug.

" Lets go back to your place and get your self cleaned up" I stood up and helped him up. I tried letting my hand go but he tightened his grip not letting me let go. As we were walking past Niall's flat he noticed us hand in hand and he got angry. He came storming out of the door attempting to punch Liam but I stopped him.

"Niall.!! Stop!" I yelled at him

" Why are you holding hands with him" He said angrily

" Because I can! We aren't dating or anything so I can do what I want!"

"Well fuck you! Never come to my flat again, never text me, call me, or email me. You could've had someone better. But its your loss So whatever" Niall shouted in my face. I started crying and Liam tried pulling me into a hug but I ran as fast as I can down the road. I was done. Stupid celebrities and all. I ran really far away from them and sat down on a park bench finally getting time to read my million messages that probably were from Liam.

                                         LIAM'S P.O.V

          What a prick. I mean seriously why the hell would he do that? He made Brea sad and made me angry. I ran to the flat I was sharing with Harry and went inside.

"Harry!" I screamed

"What" He came downstairs saying.

"Can you help me?"

"First of all what happened?" He asked pretty  curiously. "Forget that, we need to go find Brea, she ran away, please help" He nodded and we went to go find her.

"Seriously dude, what happened, tell me the WHOLE story" Harry said laughing.

"Well it was my fault that Brea's step dad found her so he got mad at me and punched me in the face twice and in the stomach. Brea came out and helped me and we walked past Niall's flat hand in hand, He started yelling at Brea so she ran away"

" But I thought you hated her"

"No, not anymore, but not just because of what happened" We walked down further and saw a girl sitting on a park bench, as we went closer, it was Brea. "Brea!" She looked up and Saw me and gave me a hug. "Come on babe, lets go back to me and Harry's flat" "Niall" she said. "Don't worry about him, we will make sure nothing happens to you" Harry said. She nodded and grabbed my hand and headed back to our flat.

           BREA'S P.O.V

              When we were almost near Niall's flat there was a dark figure in the middle of the rode. Two of them. I gripped Liam's hand getting scared. Because I had a feeling it was Niall and my step dad. But wait. My step dad was in jail. So who could it be? Did Niall get one of the other boys to turn against me? But when we came closer, it was Niall and some girl holding hands and kissing. I turned to Liam and we just started laughing and Me, Liam and Harry ran by them and when they were walking closer Liam turned to me, grabbed my hands and stared deeply into my eyes, and he went in for a kiss.




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