Brea has a pretty hard life. Considering her strict father who doesn't let her do anything. She then ran away and met one boy. Then four others. But will one get jealous.??


1. Heads Up ^.^

Hey everyone.! So this is my first time making a Movella so dont hate please >.< I know people like put the title on the picture but I will get to that so dont worry(: I will like a Co-Author so if you want to be one just tell me in the comments and i will pick one:) Thanks and I hope you enjoy my Movella ^.^

If you guys are now reading this, I will definitely be fixing this. I wrote this when I was a little younger like two years ago and it's terrible. So just wait and I will surely fix this story up.

If there is an "*" symbol in the title it means I have looked over it and fixed it up.

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