Brea has a pretty hard life. Considering her strict father who doesn't let her do anything. She then ran away and met one boy. Then four others. But will one get jealous.??


7. He Found Me*

                                                                     ~BREA'S P.O.V~

    I woke up in a dark room screaming inside from the pain I was feeling in my body. I was trying to remember what happened. But all I could remember was opening the door and that was really all. The door opened and a dark, long silhouette shot across the room. I looked over and squinted my eyes. It was him. My step dad. How did he find me? He just closed the door. How am I supposed to get out. He will trap me in here forever. I really need to get back to Niall. I then realized that my phone was in my pocket. I took it out and I had 4 new messages from Niall. I didn't take time to read them I just texted him quickly.

"Helpp!! While you guys were out my step dad found me and took me, I'm in so much pain right now. Hurry and call the police! Xx Brea" About 2 minutes later he texted me back

" Okay, on my way the police should be there very soon maybe any minute I love you Brea, I'll be there soon xx" I smiled. I'm finally going to get out. My step dad came back in and started to abuse me. We both heard the police and I grinned. He slung me up my hair and banged my head against the wall causing me to black out.

                                                                ~NIALL'S P.O.V~

     I got back home from my day with the boys and realized Brea wasn't there. I checked the whole house and outside. I sent her a few texts and called her multiple times. I began to get worried. hen I got a text. It was from Brea.

"Helpp!! While you guys were out my step dad found me and took me, I'm in so much pain right now. Hurry and call the police! Xx Brea"

I got very nervous and called the police right away. I texted her back and ran to the car and drove to the place where she was. The police have already arrived. Along with the Ambulance. I ran inside and saw Brea lying in a stretcher unconscious. The police came out with the step dad and he grinned.

"I bet she isn't so pretty now after me abusing her." I ran up and punched him in the face.

"She will ALWAYS be beautiful." I followed the Ambulance to the hospital. I was thinking about how her step dad could've found her. Especially at my flat. I was kind of thinking it would've been Liam. I mean, he doesn't like her so I am assuming that. We arrived to the hospital and I sat in the chair waiting the see what injuries she got and all. Whilst waiting I ended up falling asleep. I fell asleep for a good amount of time until I heard the doctor.

" Hello Sir, so Brea has many injuries which include, broken bones, cuts, bruises and burns. Currently she has a head concussion so she will be staying over night." I started tearing up on how badly her step dad hurt her. I slowly walked up to her and took her hand.

"Everything will be alright, just know that I love you, and I wont let anything else happen to you" I kissed her hand and sat down and once again, fell asleep.

                                                                    ~BREA'S P.O.V~

              Woah. Did Niall just say he loved me? I was awake just my eyes were closed. But did he mean it as a friend? Or.. Or does he really love me? I'm confused. But I really do like him. He is a celebrity, I'm pretty sure he would never date me... Right?

                                                                   ~LIAM'S P.O.V~

       It actually turned out better then I thought it would be. I mean, all I told her step dad to do is catch her and lock her in a room forever. With no food or anything. But he went all out. She was currently in the hospital. Now that I am thinking about it. I really kind of feel bad. I have been mean to her and she wasn't bad. She was really nice, funny, caring and pretty. I might have a crush on her. Wait! What am I thinking?! I cant like her! Anyways she will never like me after all of this that happened.

Because it was all of my fault.

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