Brea has a pretty hard life. Considering her strict father who doesn't let her do anything. She then ran away and met one boy. Then four others. But will one get jealous.??


2. About Me*

     Hey everyone... So I guess I can start by telling you about me and my life. My name is Brea. I have medium length brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Im 5'5. I like bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Falling in Reverse, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, etc. Now on to my life. Now let's just say i have a pretty bad life. My dad died in a car accident maybe a month ago. My mom has found a new guy and he is strict. He killed my mother and now im all thats left. He never lets me go anywhere. He wants to keep me for himself. He abuses me in so many ways. Verbally, physically, emotionally.. It's terrible. I've never really been in a relationship. No one really hangs out with me because I'm an "emo freak" it doesn't bother me. Well.. It does. I have been struggling with self harm as well as my only, and best friend Malencia. But I like to call her Cia for short.

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