Hate That I Love You

Two families have been rivals since the beginning of times.

The Biebers and the Martinez are in constant fight for the title of 'the most influential family' in Stratford, Ontario.

Justin Bieber and Olivia Martinez hated each other's guts.

But they do say, opposites attract.

"I have never met someone who could make me feel the way you do."
"Gosh, I hate that I love you!"


1. The Mayor's Party

I ran the thin brush of mascara across my eyelashes, making them instantly darker and thicker. I had nice eyelashes but using mascara to enhance them made me feel prettier and my eyes popped out amazingly. My iPod kept blasting my favorite song of the moment - 'We can't stop' by Miley Cyrus, she had been my idol when I was young and to be honest I wasn't over that yet. Although she had changed I still liked her voice and the song was amazing.


It was currently the weekend and I could say I was relieved my Spring break had just started. I had always been too busy with school to even think about myself and trying to keep your GPA above 3.5 was a tough work. Although mine currently layed in the 3.7 zone, I was determined to get it even higher just so I could get into the Ivy League in the United States. It had always been my dream, and my parents were completely supportive of it.


Applying some soft pink brush in my tanned cheeks, I looked at myself in the mirror and nodded my head at my reflection. I looked just fine for the upcoming event, which was a dinner at one of my parents' friends house, which happened to be the mayor of the town. You see I live in the small town of Stratford, Ontario, Canada. People don't seem to enjoy this city but I do, it's calm, quiet and everyone knows each other. My family is considered one of the most powerful in town which gives us a high standard in this town.


We owe all this power to my father's job, who is the head of Martinez, a jewel brand that not only sells in the whole country of Canada but also to the whole world. It's amazing what my father does, he became one of the most influent in town because everyone knows him, everyone knows where he works and of course our house is huge. The most amazing thing is that he created all of this by himself, starting from scratch, from nothing, rising to what he has become today. 


This makes me feel really proud of who my father is. My mother is working with my father, being a jewerly designer and I can tell you she makes the most amazing rings you can ever think of. My family is talented, to say the least.


"Cariño, are you ready?" Speaking of her, my mother opened the door, looking outside at me. "Woah, estás preciosa." She complimented, to which I just smiled. I loved the fact that I was half canadian, half spanish and it showed itself pretty clearly in my defined features such as my tan skin and my dark brown hair. And, of course, I could speak spanish fluently.


"I'm ready mom." I replied, fixing my outfit once again. I was wearing white lace dress, with a beige collar that made my skin look even tanner than it already was. Matching with that, I was also wearing killer black heels, and in my shoulder rested a black studded crossbody to carry my phone and house keys if they were necessary. "Is everyone ready?" I asked, going outside of my room and going downstairs where everyone was sitting on the couch, waiting for me. I couldn't say my family was big, but it wasn't also small. I lived with both of my parents, Rosa and Javier Martinez, my sister, Juana, and my cat which I had chosen to call Catnip, how original of me. At the sight of me, she immediatly ran to me and I picked her up. "Hey there lovely." I greeted her as soon as she approached me. "Are we all set to go?" I asked them, to which they all nodded their heads.


"We were waiting for you, dummy." My older sister Juana chuckled, making me smile at her. If there was someone in the world I considered to be the person that knew me like I knew myself, was her. Juana was still in University but you could see she had a brilliant future ahead. She was two years away from becoming a doctor, and her grades were the top ones in her class. What can I say? It's a family thing. "But your make up looks great so you're excused." She smiled, earning yet another giggle from me.


As our conversation ended, we all made our way towards our car which was parked just outside our house. My father entered in the driver's seat, my mother on the passenger seat and me and my sister on the back seats. Reaching for my bag, I took out my phone and checked I had an unread message. Opening it, I rolled my eyes at the message.


You better tell me the fucking reason why you're not coming over today. I hate you for leaving me to bore myself to death. - Jasmine


Yes, that's the girl I call my best friend. We're inseparable and our friendship is more than that, we're like sisters. We have been together since we were walking around in diapers, since her parents were good friends of my parents as well. We had grown up together, shared most of our experiences and I knew I could count on her whenever I needed it. But heck, sometimes she was a pain in the ass.


Parents' friend house. Sorry I couldn't make it but you can always go to Michael's house and have some fun ;) 


I texted back. Michael was her boyfriend for two years now, and they had what such a strange relationship. You see, teenagers now a days are a sack of hormones waiting to jump on each other's skins and it was nothing like that between them. They respected each other, they weren't much of a couple to be kissing, they were more the holding hands and smiles type. So I also messed with her, making sexual jokes about her relationship.


You're such a perverted young girl. I hate you. I hope you have no fun at all. - Jasmine


Laughing at her reply, my sister cocked her brow up at me, questioning my behaviour. I waved my left hand dismissively as she looked back to the road, forgetting about the subject.


Don't worry, I won't. 


I answered, a smirk playing on my lips as I put my phone back inside my purse. I didn't like coming to these types of dinners because there was only old people, or at least not my age, and the people who were actually my age were only stuck-up rich kids with attitudes of a bitch. It didn't attract me, and it certainly didn't motivate me to talk to them.


As my father parked his car, I became more aware of the greatness of this party. There were at least thirty cars parked along with my family's. My eyes widened at the entrance of the house, which besides being fancily decorated, was crowded by people chatting and exchanging thoughts on the mayor. Clutching onto my bag, I looked at my sister who had a stern look plastered on her face. "Oh God we're going to die here." I breathed, to which she just sighed.


Walking through the crowds of people, me and my family made our way to the entrance of the house where the mayor was. Saluting him with a shake of hand, my father got into a deep yet boring conversation about economy with him. To say I didn't understand a word of what he was saying was an understatement.


"I heard Olivia here is about to be eighteen, which means she'll be able to vote in the next elections. I'm sure you know who you'll vote, right dear?" They all turned their attention towards me. I didn't understand a thing about politics so I limited myself to a small nod, my lips pursed. If I said I wouldn't, it would cause serious trouble to my family and I didn't want that. 


"That's my girl." My father put his arm around me, gently rubbing my arm in a sign of reassurance. He then looked at me with eyes that said 'thank you for not disgracing this family' which made me want to roll my eyes, an urge I fought until it was no longer there.


My mother on the other side looked at me with pitiful eyes, aware of my uncomfortableness when being in the spotlight. It was something I loathed and I avoided every time that was possible. Understanding my feelings, my mother made a move towards changing the conversation. "Mr. Mayor, I'm always so impressed with your parties. How do you manage to pull this off?" She asked, making me release a breath I didn't know I was holding. Mouthing a quick thank you to my mom, she nodded her head softly.


"Olivia, Juana, please, go check out the house. I know how young adults like you are easily bored with our conversations. So please, be my guests." He said, pointing towards his house. As I was about to ask my sister where she wanted to go, she was already no where in sight, leaving me alone to look at the house myself.


Turning around, I walked once again through the sea of people, reaching the garden of the house. Sitting on a bench, I picked on my nails, bored to death once again. Taking my phone out of my bag, I checked it to see if someone was able to take me out of this - no new messages. Sighing, I put it back in my clutch and tapped my fingers against my jaw.


Just as I was about to fall asleep - not really, but you get my point - a car entered through the entrance of the house. My eyebrows shot in my forehead in confusion, seeing that I had the feeling that I had seen that car ever before. Believe me, from coming to this types of parties you get to know a lot of cars and that one was absolutely not a stranger to me.


Once the car was parked, there were three people coming out of the car. The first one, a man who looked about in his late thirties, tall and dressed in a black suit. Following him was a woman, with long dark hair, and I couldn't quite tell it from a distance but I was almost sure her eyes were blue. After them came a boy, about my age, also dressed in a suit, his golden hair spiked up to perfection and the toned muscles of his arm were popping out as his sleeves were rolled up to his elbow. 


That's when it hit me. They were the Biebers, the one family my family couldn't stand to even look at.






Taking my sunglasses out of my face, I threw them inside the car carelessly before shutting the door closed. All the eyes on the party were turning towards us, which made me feel good. I like the attention, and I knew my family could steal a scene whenever we walked in. They all knew who we were - obviously. We were, as they said, 'one of the most influent families in town' but deep inside I knew they meant the most influent. But they all knew better than saying that because of course it would make some people mad - and when I say some people, I mean specially the Martinez.


My father was no less than the head and designer of a famous shoe company, which was called Someday, and his shoes were sold all over the world by the most influent shops. He mainly designed women's showes, but he sometimes designed men shoes as well. It was his passion and he had always been keen in drawing. My mother was a stay-at-home mom, only because my father didn't like the idea of having so much money and the need of my mom to work. So he preferred to have her at home, where she could lead the house chores - not actually do them, because we were rich enough to have maids for all kinds of stuff.


I, on the other side, had nothing to do with my life. I didn't need to work, and I didn't bother to even get into university. Not that my parents didn't want it, but I didn't feel like going just yet. To be honest, I was only nineteen, I was still too young to start thinking about living life seriously. I was much of a party boy, a ladies boy as well. Name every single one of the girls my age in this town, and I've probably hit it off with them at least once. I didn't like being attached to someone, or to anything at all. I considered myself a free spirit and that's how I'll always be.


My family and the Martinez had a long history of trouble and arguments between them, because they were both in the same type of business. It was much of a battle for power - a battle travelled until one of the families gave up. And my family was never going to give up, no matter the circumstances. It would always come to a point where neither of them knew why they were even fighting for, but the hatred was just too strong to even think about making amends.


Walking through the crowd, we made our way towards the mayor who was smiling happily in our direction. Looking at both my father and mother's face, they were both smiling but I knew better than that. Although they smiled, they were secretly hoping to take his position. One thing that I had learned from my parents was that the higher you are in life, the better you are. And believe me, I enjoyed being on the top of this town.


However, their smile faded as soon as they took the sight of who was standing beside the mayor - the Martinez, more specifically Rosa and Javier. They were shooting daggers at my parents and of course my parents wouldn't even flinch. "Hello Mr. Mayor, hello Javier and Rosa." The last names rolled off of my father's tongue just like venom. This didn't please them as their faces looked like were about to blow up.


"Hello Rosa." My mother greeted venomously, her eyes studying the woman in front of her, more like judging her if you ask me. The other woman didn't even bother to answer. How rude of her.


"Hello Jeremy." Javier, however, spoke up, his arm around the woman's waist reassuringly. They looked like they would kill my parents as soon as they could get their hands on them. And believe me, my parents' looks didn't look too friendly either. Silence fell between them as no one knew what to say, or at least, they didn't know what to say that wouldn't be... Offensive.


"Hello my friends, welcome once again." The mayor spoke up, breaking the tension. He stepped further up the stairs so he could see everybody and everybody could see him. "We're about to serve dinner, so please come inside our lovely house and take your seats. Follow me!" He said, motioning for the crowd to follow him. Almost everyone made their way inside the house, however both my family and the Martinez didn't.


"Listen Jeremy, if you're here to cause trouble you should really just walk away while you can." Javier threatened my father, to which my father scoffed.


"I am here to cause trouble? No Javier. I'm here to prove who really deserves the title of the most influent. I'm here to prove who they should trust. I'm here to prove we're better, because you can be sure, we are." My father responded in a dark and hoarse voice.


"Qué pasa aqui?" A melodic and sexy voice spoke up, making all of us snap our heads towards the origin of the sound. In front of me was now standing a tall and tanned girl, about my age, her body hugged perfectly by the dress she was wearing. Although her face was confused, I could make up the beautiful features she had. I hadn't seen her in a while but I was almost positive I knew who she was - Olivia Martinez. 


"Nothing, cariño, just go back inside-" her mother hushed her, but she didn't even move, "I'm not coming without you." She interrupted, her arms folding across her chest, showing impatience and also anger. Shortly after, a slightly shorter brunnette joined her, who I presumed to be no other than her sister Juana.


"Oh, I see your family is now all gathered up. You need protection, is it?" My mother added, earning a chuckle from my father.


"Yes, I thought they had moved to Spain where they do belong, not here." With that, Javier's eyes went wild crazy and they were soon filled with anger. 


"I don't care what you may think of yourself, Jeremy, but this sure is crossing the line. I won't take you talking shit about my family when clearly the only mierda here is you." He pointed a finger towards my father, with it slightly touching his tie. My father quickly snatched his hand away, clearly irritated by Javier's sentence.


As they kept on arguing, my attention flew back once again to Olivia, who was desperatly trying to stop her father from going any further into the argument. I could tell she was worried, she didn't like the arguing and her face was almost painful, because she was trying so hard to pull her father back from where he was standing. I couldn't help but admire her beauty. Her plump pink lips, which I assumed to be covered in lip gloss, her gorgeous brown eyes which eyelashes were full of mascara, enhancing their beauty. Her nose was small, actually, just the right size, and her hair although pinned up, looked soft and silky, as if it was silk itself. 


"Papa, por favor, vamonos de aqui. Elles no merecen nuestra atención ni nuestro tiempo." The words rolled out of her mouth like music to my ears. I usually didn't find spanish sexy but that girl could even make chinese look sexy. What the hell are you thinking Justin? She's your family's enemy. Just focus, think of her like some ugly brat that your grandmother tries to get you married with. Yes, that's it.


Her father seemed to give up since he shook his arm out of her grip, giving my father one more angry look before slowly heading inside the mayor's house. A few seconds after, all of us made our way inside the house and looked for a seat to take. 


The worst of it all - the only seats available were the ones next to the Martinez.


This was going to be fun. Note the sarcasm.


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