Some People and A Haunted Amusenment Park

I honestly don't idea that I forgot and then remembered.


3. Three

Devon grabs the knife off the counter and sets it within reach on the table in front of us. He sits beside me. I look up suddenly and bang my head into his.

"Ow!" He rubs at his chin and I rube at my head. "Why was your chin near my head?"

"Why was you head near my chin?"

I glare up at him. When did he get so fucking tall?

"Uh, probably because I'm shorter than you and you were leaning over me." We glare at each other. Oh, right, I remember why we broke up! We fought, like, every day!

He looks away first and shifts away. Ugh, he always was submissive to me. Ugh, I like guys who can be my equal. He was never my equal.

He sighs. "Shannon." He looks at me. "I hate fighting with you. I really do, and I know you like a good fight." He bounces his leg nervously. "Do you remember who started most of our fights?" He asked, looking away again. I shake my head. "No, I don't remember. Probably me though."

He shakes his head. "No. I did, because I knew you loved to get your blood pumping. But, in hind sight, I should have just taken you to a amusement park and put you on a Rollo coaster." We both laugh because I am afraid of Rollo coasters. I yawn and look outside. Then my watch. Almost One.

I yawn again. I lean against Devon's shoulder. He whispers "Get some rest, Shannon." I nod and fall asleep against him.

I feel some movement and groan and shift, only to find myself in someone's arms. "Shh, I'm just carrying you to the bed. Shh, sleep Shannon." I feel Devon's jacket and shift more comfortably in his arms. "Night, Dev." I whisper. He lays me gently on the booth-bed.

I curled up and grab his hand as he pulls away. "No." I whimper. He sighs and sits on the bed next to me, reaching over me he grabs my Trench coat and covers me with it.

I sigh and snuggle closer to him. He laughs. "I forgot can be when your tired."

I slip into a dreamless sleep.


I spring up and look around franticly. Devon lays beside me, sleeping. Ashley and Pat are sleeping soundly on the other booth-bed.

I sigh. Everyone is ok. Now.....what had that dream been after I was sleeping soundly? It was peaceful and then.......

I rub my forehead, the center area, where a third eye would be. It helps me remember my dreams sometimes.

Next to me Devon stretches and yawns. "Morning." He says. I nod.

I look around, taking in details. A nice looking breakfast sits on the counter. "Devon....look." I whisper and point to the still steaming food.

"Oh....that is good, right?" My stomach growls and I look at him. "I guess. But, the question is, is it ok to eat?"

"Why would they poison us?" He shrugs and stands. I slowly stand after him. I grab an apple and bit into it, ignoring the omelets and pancakes. "An apple, really?" I nod and chew my breakfast. "Apples are better for you that caffeine." Is all I say.

I pick up the knife that Jeff had and start flipping it in the air. Ashley wakes up and says "Coffee?" Devon nods and pours her a cup.

"Mm, thanks, where did the food come from?" Devon shrugs and I munch on my apple.

"Well, Devon and I got attacked by Jeff the Killer last night on watch. I was just trying to get some sleep and Jeff came in, yelling and swinging at Dev. I intercepted him and stabbed him. Knife's right here." I hold it up.

Ashley looks shell shocked. "Pat and I didn't hear that?" I shake my head. "Nope, you didn't." I look at Devon. "Dev, wake Pat up and take him outside, I want to talk to Ash, alone."

Devon nods and grabs Pat, dragging him out the door before he is even awake. "Wait! Take a knife." I hand him Jeff's knife. He nods and drag's Pat over a bit, so Ash and I can be in privet.

"So, what happened with Dev last night? I knew you too would set a watch." I roll my eyes.

"Well, Ash, I woke him up. I couldn't sleep. I started to cry, thinking about being 'napped by Slendy. He rubbed my back and we talked for a minuet. Then the door open, Jeff saw Devon and me. Said 'Go To Sleep' and lunged at Devon. I jumped between them. Grabbed Jeff's hand, broke it. Took the knife. Then I stabbed him and pushed him out the door. Dev and I talked, after I smashed my head into his chin. We talked and I fell asleep against him and he put me in the bed. And that's it." I grimace and Ash sighs.

"So, what am I supposed to do? You and Pat obviously will get together but Devon and I will continue to be dysfunctional." I put my head in my hands and sigh again.


 Ashley puts a hand on my back. "S'Okay, Shannon. I'm sure you and Dev can work something out. You're that smart."

I shake my head and moan. Someone knocks on the door. Ashley shrieks. "Oh, great, now who is it?" I turn to look and see a blue mask and black, dripping eyes. Oh. "Oh. Eyeless Jack. Ash, calm down."

She turns to me and points past E.J. to were the guys were. Oh. Shit! I jump up and run to the door. I smash it open and slam E.J. against the front windows. I slid a knife out and stab him. In the kidneys. He shrieks like Ash just did. I laugh and run toward the guys.

Devon is trying to stop the bleeding in Pat's side. Ben, Masky and Hoodie jump out of the shadows and I throw knifes at Masky, hitting him. Hoodie stops and looks at me. He whispers "You shouldn't have done that."

"Get over yourselves." I say and grab Pat's arm. "Dev, help me." I order and Devon grabs Pat's other arm. We drag him back to the ice cream shop and I make sure the 'pasta's leave us alone.

We set him in a chair and fall to the floor. The Creepy's are gone.

I sit up and look out. The Creepy Pasta's are gone. "Ok, Devon, what the hell happened?"

He shrugs and I crawl over to him. I slap him, hard. "What the fuck happened!" I yell in his face. He flinches away, probably remembering how I like to fight.

"We were standing their, talking. Then out of now where a guy with a blue face shows up and stabs Pat with a scalpel."

"Eyeless Jack." I interrupt. "He....likes kidney's."

"Then he walked toward the shop and the other 3 pop up and surround us. Not trying to get us or hurt us or anything. They only attacked when you showed up, Shannon." He looks at me and rubes his red cheek.

I sigh heavily. Time to share. "Ok, guys and gal. I have a theory, they have only gone after me. Well, Devon too but I think Jeff went after him because he was touching me. I think they.....want me...." Their stare at me. "Yeah, weird but think about it." Pat is the first one to nod agreement.

"Yeah, makes cense. Slender man grabbed Shannon. The three out their jumped at her. And the whole Jeff thing too. Devon was talking to you and touching you. I don't want to know, Dev. But yeah, he attacked Dev because he was in the way." Ashley nods but Devon shakes his head. "So why did they have a contest and then choose us 4?"

"Well, I have a theory their too. They did the contest to make it fare and they knew I would refuse unless I had other people here." They look at each other and Ashley voices the Big Question.

"Why did they want you, though?"

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