Some People and A Haunted Amusenment Park

I honestly don't idea that I forgot and then remembered.


1. One

Shannon's POV

I sit, watching NCIS. Ashley is trying to get her suitcase to shut. "Yeah, that isn't going to happen." I tell her as she asks me for the hundredth time to sit on the suitcase. She huffs and finally gets it to shut. "Ok, lets go, Ash." I say and stand. I grab my frying pan. "Come on, I'm driving."

"Aw, hell naw! You'll kill us before we even get there!"

"Psst, naw, I would never. You know that!" I grab her suitcase and lead the way down the stairs and out the door, to my wonderful, and trusty truck. I toss her suitcase in the back and say to  my truck. "Start today and end tomorrow." Ash rolls her eyes and gets in.

I start my red ford.


We beat the two other contest winners to the park. I shut off my 1998 red ford F-150 and jump out. "Grab your suitcase!" I call over to Ash. I walk towards the entrance. A guy in a red polo and kakis stands by the entrance. The sky is overcast and I am glad for my trench coat.

A black ford pinto pulls up next to my truck. I laugh as two guys get out. Ash struggles on her way over. The polo guy says "Sorry, Ma'am, but the suitcase can't enter the park. You are staying a week, but no suitcases from home are allowed. "WHAT!?" Ash screeches. He grimaces. "Yeah, no bags."

The guys make their way over and I realize one of them is my ex.......Devon. I tap Ash's shoulder. "Ash, look, its Devon and.....looks like beach boy." I smile as she turns to look. Yep, I was right the other winners are my ex and her crush. Patrick and Devon. Oh shit. A week with these dipshits.

The stand off the side and it takes me a moment to understand that I still have a spark for Devon. Shit. The polo guy is talking.

"You four will be spending a week in this park. You are our testers. You will tell us if the park seems haunted, creepy or whatever you think. No bags, packs or suitcases allowed in the park." He looks me over, takes note of my frying pan but only shrugs. Sweet.

"Ok, you get a few minuets to get to know each other the you start." He smiles and walks away.

Devon walks over and says quietly "Hello, Shannon, Ashley. Long time no see, Shan." I shrug, Ash and Pat are talking. Traitor.

"So, when did you and Daw become friends?" I ask him.

"When we both found out we won this stupid contest. You know I hate camping, and this is creepy camping from what I gathered." I nod.

"Yeah, they want us to see if this is a haunted amusement park. Remind me not to go on any rides." He laughs at my little joke. Wait, when did we start.....flirting?

Shannon, focus! "So, what is the frying pan for? And the trench coat?" He asks looking me over.

"Well, we weren't allowed suitcases so I put everything we should need in the pockets and the frying pan is awesome for defense and cooking. I come prepared." I shrug and he laughs.

"Yes you do Shannon, yes you do." He smiles and polo guy comes back.

"Lets begin." He ushers us all inside then shuts the gate. He smiles creepily and says "Have fun, boys and girls."

Suddenly the park lights up, and in the fog it is really creepy. Ashley takes a step closer to Pat(aka Daw). I, on the other hand, take a step forward. I smile and turn to the others. "Lets have some fun!" I yell and start forward. Devon stays with me but Pat and Ash hang back. "Fraddy cats! Keep together!"

Pat and Ash speed up a bit. I smile and stop at the first ride. It looks like a take off on the Boston Tea Party from Canobie Lake. I smile and say "Who's up for it?"

Devon grabs my arm as I take my trench coat off. "Shannon, you told me to stop you if you got on any rides." I roll my eyes. "Live a little. Hold this." I thrust my coat into his hands and take off down the line. "Shannon! Wait up!" He calls and runs after me. "I am not letting you do this alone." I smile and jump in the boat. I pull him down next to me and the bar snaps in place.

"I knew that, now hold on and prepare for water!" I say and laugh. He sighs and looks at me. The little boat is near the top of the rise. He reaches out and puts his hand on my cheek. "Shannon, look at me." I turn to look at him.

"You do realize that we are on a ride with no operator, and in a haunted park, right?" I nod and the boat hits the little wall a bit. We are at the top of the rise and are about to go down. He leans close.

I can smell his aftershave....or is it cologne? His lips press on mine gently as we drop down. I pull back and scream. A huge wave of water hits us and I look at him, laughing. He is dripping and laughing too. He leans close again.

"In a week, we will be together again, I promise you." I gasp at his threat.

The boat stops and we climb out. Ash and Pat are standing their, waiting for us. They don't look happy. "What?" I ask as I reach for my coat. Ashley pulls me off to the side.

"I saw what happened and be careful. He has changed, Pat told me. I don't believe it is as drastic as Pat said, but be careful. Ugh, you are sopping wet."

I laugh. "I know, what a hug." She backs up and walks over to the guys. "Fine, who wants a hug?" I ask the guys. Devon smiles and hugs me. We hug for a moment until Ash says, "Um, Shannon, get the frying pan ready."

"Why?" I ask and turn around. In seconds I comprehend what I am looking at.

Slender man.

I laugh. "Slendy." I say and turn to Ash. "Why would you be afraid of Slendy? It probably is just a robot." At that a large tentacle wraps around my waist. "Ok, maybe not." I move my arm and a knife slides in to my hand. "Ok, Slendy, let me go or the tentacle gets chopped up." A voiceless laughter fills my head and I slash into the tentacle. A screech is heard and then it disperse.

Ash looks around. I whip the black blood on my coat. "Why do I have to do all the work?"

"How did you get a knife in?" Pat asks me.

"Well, he didn't frisk me, that is how. Now, lets move on." I am shaken by this turn of events and want to move on.

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