Some People and A Haunted Amusenment Park

I honestly don't idea that I forgot and then remembered.


4. Four

Shannon's POV

I sigh and look at the floor. "That is the question of the day, ain't it?"

I look up at them and fortify myself for the onslaught of yelling. "I'm going to go out their and talk to them. Alone."


"You can't, they'll kill you!"

Silence. Devon is silent. Ashley and Pat look at him, curious.

He watches me and I watch him. He stands, he is taller than me. I look into his eyes. I can see understanding, sadness and something else. Something else I would rather not deal with right now.

He bends down and says to me. "Come back, ok?" I smile grimly and nod. He hands me my coat and walks me to the door. He understands I have to do this.

I look back as I unlock the door. Ashley stands with Pat. "Sorry, Ash, Pat, but I need to find out what the 'Pastas' want." Ash nods and Pat looks away. I look up at Devon.

He puts a hand on my shoulder and says "I understand why, but do come back. Other wise I might have to kill you." We smile at the old joke.

I put my hand over his. "You stay alive, other wise I might have to kill you." His smile drops off his face and he leans closer. He kisses me gently. We both know this might be our last moments together. I kiss him back.

He reluctantly pulls away.

I sigh and walk out the door. This time I don't look back. I walk into the cold fog and start to call out.

"Creepypasta! Here I am! Come on out! Face me not my friends! Fight me, not them!" Shapes start to form in the fog, and the fog thickens.

I stop and slid out my knives. "Come get some." I whisper. Jeff appears. Slendy right after. Then Ben, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack(who is giggling), Masky, Hoodie, Jane, and Smile Dog. I grin and ask them. "Why do you want me?"

"You, Shannon, have the power to make, or free the Creepy pastas." E.J. says.

"What? How?" I look at him, bewildered.

"You are the...product of a 'pasta and a human. Only a human can free us, the One In A Life human. That One In A Life human and a 'pasta made you." He says it calmly and with out worry.

"What 'pasta?" I ask.

"We can't tell you, but it was a male 'pasta. We wanted to find you before The Door. Mr. Creepypasta is looking for you, his plan was to corner you here. And he did. We were trying to take you so The Door couldn't find you. Please, come with us." I shake my head.

"No. If it is my destiny to become like you, or die, then I will. Please, leave my friends and me alone. We just want to get out of here now." E.J. shakes his head at me.

"We will help you and your friends leave, the people of the park would never let you live. But, you don't want to leave, I can tell. But, yes we will help all of you leave. Slender Man, come with Shannon and me. The rest of you, go. We can't take away freewill, you all know that."

As they turn to go we hear Jeff whisper. "But The Door can."


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