Some People and A Haunted Amusenment Park

I honestly don't idea that I forgot and then remembered.


5. Five

E.J., Slendy and I all start towards the ice cream shop. The fog thickens. Some of it looks like it is moving, and manifesting. I hear yelling. "SHANNON! Shannon! Where are you?!" It sounds familiar.

I hear it again. DEVON! "Dev? Is that you?" I call. "Shannon! Wait!" He burst from the fog just as a door forms ahead of us. I look at it, and it opens.

Before I realize it I'm walking toward The Door. "Shannon! No! Don't go! Stay here, with me, please?! I need you. Shannon. Please, I-I-I love you, please stay!"

As I hear him speak the spell breaks and then he says the 3 words. "Devon? You love me?" I turn to him. I feel the door trying harder to pull me in. "NO!" I yell at it and walk toward Devon, he has tears streaming down his face.

"Yes. I love you, Shannon. I have been suffering ever since we broke up. Please don't leave me again."

I nod and tell him. "I would never leave. Not of my free will. You pushed me away, and I'm sorry. I realize those words don't have much meaning but they are true."

He hugs me close. "Stay and I will know you mean it."

"Ok, I won't go. But we should leave this park. It's too dangerous. How did you know to come, any way?"

"Jeff came and got me. He told me The Door was going to try to get you. I knew I had to stop it." I sigh and look for The Door. It's gone. "I'll never leave. Now, lets go get Pat and Ash, ok? Slendy, will you still help us?" He nods. Devon and I kiss, just for good measure and lead the way, the fog seems to be clearing.

We get back and Ash hugs me and then yells "OH MY GOD!"

"Slendy is going to help us get home, ok? He'll drop us at the cars." He nods again and Then wraps his tentacles around us. We are then out by the cars. "Thanks, Slendy." Everyone thanks him.

"So, Pat, can you give Ash a ride?"

He nods. "I think I can manage that, right Ash?" He winks at her and she giggles. I shake my head. "I hope to see you, then. Have fun you two."

"Same to you!" Ash waves and jumps in Pat's car. Devon and I laugh and climb into my truck.

"Let's hope that is the last of that!" I say and pull away.

"Yes, but I doubt it." Dev says.

"Then we'll just need to be prepared." We laugh.

I sigh inwardly. We will be seeing more of them, I'm sure of it.

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