The Hidden Truth

Gabrielle Anderson knew she was adopted, she just didn't know the truth about the adoption or who she really is. Her biological parents are Apollo and Aphrodite, the gods of the sun and love. When she turns eighteen something amazing happens, but you readers must read The Hidden Truth to find out


1. The Inccident

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock


Gabrielle Anderson tapped her pen impatiently in time with the ticking of the clock on the wall, waiting for her math class to let out. It was her eighteenth birthday and the last day of classes before the winter holidays. Finally the bell rang and Gabrielle was in the midst of the end of the day start of the two week holiday chaos. Students in all the grades nine through twelve were crowded in the hallways. Gabrielle was pushed and trampled on from all directions. Gabrielle suddenly felt a flash of homesickness, she missed her private school in San Diego, there was no hustle and bustle. Just calm. She tried to get to her locker which was wedged between twelve jocks safely but it seemed impossible. She lost her balance when her bag caught on someone running down the jammed up hall and she toppled over, her bag heaving its contents everywhere. She hurried to clean it up, embarrassed that it had happened.  A pair of masculine hands covered her papers and books when she reached out to pick them up. She looked up and met a pair of golden eyes. She was stunned, he looked like he had just walked out of the latest romance novel, or a Greek painting. 

"Hello, I'm Matt Sanders. You must the new girl, Gabrielle."

"Yes, I'm Gabrielle Anderson."

"Where are you from Gabrielle Anderson?" Gabrielle blushed and replied

"San Diego."

"Well welcome to New York City. The busiest city in the Continental US."

"Thank you for helping me." she said as he helped her to her feet. 

"Yes New Yorkers really enjoy the holidays. Gotta be careful Gabrielle. A goddess like you would be terribly missed."

"Goddess? I'm not that beautiful. I wouldn't even consider myself beautiful." Matt smiled, thinking she was just being modest. She was speaking the truth she didn't see anything special about her.

"Have you looked at yourself? Really looked at yourself?"  She could honestly count how many times she had admired herself in the mirror on one hand.

"No. Not really."

"Well, then what are you doing for the Holiday?"

"Celebrating my birthday today. Then celebrating Christmas."

"Well I'm going to show you, that you are beautiful. Starting at Brew It cafe."

"Are you asking me out?" 

"Yes. Yes I am. Gabrielle would you accompany me for a cup of coffee?"

"Yes. I will most certainly accompany you. Let me grab my coat." She turned to her locker and spun the combination. She lifted the latch, and nothing happened. She had gotten the combo wrong, again. 

"Here let me try." Matt jiggled the latch and slammed his palm over the vents of the locker. It popped open. "I had this locker freshman year." he explained. "Its temperamental."

"Thanks," grabbing her coat and sliding it on. "Come on." Matt grabbed her hand and they walked out. A few blocks from the school the two arrived at Brew It Cafe. They entered and Gabrielle was overwhelmed with all the Holiday decorations, and the delightful smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods. 

"Come on, I know the owner." Matt said as he guided her to a couch next to the fire place."Sit here, What do you want?"

"Oh, I don't mind. Surprise me." Gabrielle said surprisingly. She was always so strict about what she ate but Matt brought something out of her. She was happy. It was cozy next to the fire and she started to doze. In her dream she saw boys with goat feet, and green ladies with leaves for hair. Two people or Gods stood in a meadow, one had long blonde hair, with sparkling hearts inlaid into it. She had large doe eyes, the color of sea foam, and honey colored skin. She wore a white Greek dress, with red vines running up the side. The second was a tall muscular man, with the same honey colored skin, but his eyes were almond shaped and Fiery orange, he wore golden armor with a sun on the chest piece, they were beautiful, and definitely in love. They exchanged heated words, not angry but passionate. The scene changed and the same woman was holding a baby. With large doe eyes like her mother, but her eyes were a mixture of colors, reddish brown, like rust, then a startling green. The man was there in the shadows and a ugly deformed man was in the fore front, had they had an affair? 

"Hey Gabrielle, wake up!" Gabrielle woke up from her dream. " Hey what were you dreaming about? Me I hope."

"No sadly it wasn't about you. It was a dream about Ancient Greece."


"Yes it felt so real."

"Maybe it was." Matt whispered.


"I said here's your coffee, and cupcake."

"Thanks." She couldn't shake how real the dream had been. 

"So Gabrielle, tell me what brings your family to the Big Apple?"

"My father got a better paying job, and my mom got the lead in the new Broadway show."

"What does your father do?"

"He's Dr. Michael Jonathan Anderson, the best acclaimed Plastic Surgeon in the Continental US and the world, said Times Magazine."


"Yes, I feel like a shadow, or a charity case, they adopted me when I was ten."

"Really. I wouldn't have taken you as being a orphan."

"Yes, I mask that part of my life well. My birth parents dropped me off before I learned their names. But they were beautiful."

"How old do you think you were?"

"Two, maybe one in a half." tears welled up in her eyes. " Can we change the subject?"

"Sure, so where did you go to school?"

"St. Augustine's School for Girls."

"Huh, am I the only guy you've talked to?"

"No, I have had boyfriends." Gabrielle glanced at the time on her phone and gasped, it was eight at night.

"What's wrong?"

"I need to get home!"

"Alright. Here's my number. Let me walk you."

"Alright. I live two blocks away on Sixth Avenue." Matt laid two ten dollar bills on the table under his cup and walked her to the door. The snow had started to fall. "Come on Gabby." she liked her new nickname. 

"I'm coming. I'm not used to real snow." They walked awhile and her heel of her boot snapped getting snagged in a crack in the sidewalk, and she fell into the road. A taxi was coming fast to make it to the green light and she was paralyzed, just as the taxi was about to hit a burst of light erupted from her and she was cast into the sky, the taxi passed and she landed safely on the sidewalk, a perplexed looking Matt eyeing her with awe.

"Holy crap! You, you could have died! Then you were shining with this pink light and you were flying!"

"What? No I don't what you're talking about. Let's get to my house." She grabbed Matt and ran the rest of the way home. She reached her Luxury Apartment Complex and was buzzed in by Mandy.  

"Hello Mandy. Are my parents mad?"

"No, they haven't buzzed down to rant about your whereabouts."

"Thanks." She pushed the up button and Matt stood at her side, eyeing her cautiously like she would explode. The elevator beeped and she hurried inside, pulling Matt with her. They arrived in her living room and her parents were sitting on the couch, waiting.

"Happy Birthday sweetheart, oh you've met a friend!" her mother greeted her and acknowledged  Matt's presence. 

"Sorry I'm late, Matt showed me this cozy coffee shop and we lost track of time."

"Hello Matt, I'm Mr. Anderson. But you can call me Dr. Anderson." 

"Hello Dr. Anderson, Mrs. Anderson. Its a pleasure to be in such fine company."

"The snow is coming down hard. They just closed the roads." her mother said worriedly. " I am afraid you'll be spending the night here."

"Mom, Dad today I almost died,"


"Sit," they sat and she continued. "My heel broke and I fell into the road. Before the taxi could hit me, a light exploded from me and I was cast into the sky. I landed safely on the side walk, with my heel fixed." her parents exchanged glances and said very carefully,

"We have something to tell you, but I think you're biological parents should be here for this." her father said. " Honey why don't you go call them." her mother removed herself from the room, and left Gabrielle and Matt looking puzzled,

"Dad what is going on?" just when he was about to answer, her mother returned followed my the beautiful people from her dream. 

"Gabrielle, this is Aphrodite and Apollo, your birth parents." Gabrielle stood, and she looked at he Goddess of Love, her mother and saw similarities between them. She looked at her father the God of the Sun and the protector of the Arts. She saw resemblances as well in his face.

"Apollo her eyes changed!"

"Yes, they're beautiful, a mixture of ours. Swimming with emotion and power."

"What is she the Goddess of I wonder."

"Hold up please. Explain I thought you were married to someone else, Aphrodite, yes his name is Hephaestus, god of Black Smiths or something along those lines."

"Yes, yes child I'm married to another, but he was drunken and I had to save my father's wife."

"Hera. How did you two get together?"

"My carriage needed fixing and Hephaestus was the only who could work in extreme temperatures. I saw Aphrodite and we fell in love. But Hephaestus had a temper and he was always drunk one way or another. We snuck out many times to the land of satyrs and nymphs. We conceived you and we were happy but we knew we could not keep you. Hephaestus would destroy you're beauty. We found your adoptive parents and knew you'd be safe. When you were ten, we sent them a letter and demanded that they adopt you or face the wrath of the gods. They did, and they love you very much."

"Why did my powers so up now?"

"Every gods powers so up on their eighteenth birthday. My fore father Helios was a tad early maturing at sixteen."

"Matt, are you alright?"

"Matt is fine my dear, he's your companion, or soul mate every god has one. He's the son of Hades and Bia." Matt looked surprised at first that they knew. 

"Nice to see you again Apollo."

"Same to you Elpidios."

"Its Matt now."

"Excuse me, but what is my Greek name?"

"Your Greek name Aglaia-Beauty." Aphrodite answered. "We must ask you to make a choice. To continue living here, where Hades can find you with his monsters or you can return with me and your father to Mount Olympus."

"What about Matt? What about Hephaestus?"

"You will be safe. What is your decision?" Apollo, said.

"I don't know."

"You have until this time tomorrow to decide."

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