The Hidden Truth

Gabrielle Anderson knew she was adopted, she just didn't know the truth about the adoption or who she really is. Her biological parents are Apollo and Aphrodite, the gods of the sun and love. When she turns eighteen something amazing happens, but you readers must read The Hidden Truth to find out


5. My First Case

I woke up to the sound of crying. I got up and hurried to where Elpidios slept. He wasn't crying but he was in a deep sleep. I scratched my head and went back into my room. I heard once more and turned to be a closet, that wasn't there the night before. I opened the doors, and there was portal, and in the center of the portal was a girl, she looked to be sixteen, and she was holding a picture, I didn't know what compelled me to go through the portal, but I did, she looked up at me and she almost screamed,

"What do you want? Who are you and what are you wearing?" she screamed at me through her tears.

"Calm down, my name is Aglaia, I am here to help you. You are feeling lost and alone. You love someone that your parents wouldn't approve of, am I correct?"

"Yes, but how do you know that?"

"I am the Goddess of Forbidden Love and Sacrifice. I know all of the troubles of love."

"Alright, Aglaia. I love this boy his name is Sebastian and my parents would never approve. He has the lowest grades, and he thinks he's going nowhere in life. But I can't help but fall deeper in love with him. What do I do?"

"First off, tell me your name."

"Samantha. Could you help me and Sebastian?"

"Just go up to your parents and confront them, you'll be eighteen soon. Follow your heart. That should be the only thing that matters."

"That's all?"

"If you want it to work out, follow my advice alright if you need any more advice just call out my name and I'll be where-ever you are." Samantha looked at me, with fear in her eyes. I tried to reach out to her, but I was afraid to step completely out of the portal.

"Aglaia, thank you. Are you a Greek Goddess?"

"Yes, I'm the daughter of Aphrodite and Apollo. You'll study us in school,"

"Good bye then until I need you." I waved goodbye to her and stepped backwards into my room. I closed the closet doors and collapsed onto the floor, my first case. My first real case, poor Samantha, poor Sebastian.  I changed my clothes and went down the stairs, Elpidios was in the hall waiting for me, Thalia licking at his fingers. He appeared to be talking to someone.

"Elpidios, good morning,"

"Oh, good morning my love." I didn't see whom he was talking to but it seemed to upset him. I tried to look into the Rainbow fountain but he slashed his hand through the picture. 

"Was that really necessary? I mean why can't I know who you're talking to?"

"Its not me, its him, he doesn't want his identity publicised that's all."

"Oh well I've gotten my first troubled soul. Her name is Samantha,and her love's name is Sebastian. He has the worst grades in the graduating class, and he doesn't believe in himself. She's worried that her parents will force them to break up, and she can't help but fall deeper in love with him."

"What did you tell her to do?"

"I told her to confront her parents. And if she needs my help, she can call me anytime."

"Oh, you did very well for the first time."

"Thank you. So what do we do for breakfast?"

"Ambrosia mostly, but sometimes we have chocolates filled with Ambrosia mousse."

"Oh fancy. I'm straving Elpidios."

"Tell the Cherubs." I called to the Cherubs and the three who met me yesterday came to me.

"Madame Aglaia how may we serve you?"

"I'm hungry and I don't know what to have."

"We will surprise you!" they flew off and I sat on the couch, it was purple and had the texture of silk. Elpidios stroked the fire and came to sit with me, 

"Elpidios do you think I advised the girl correctly? I hardly have the experience, I could've ruined her life!"

"Aglaia darling you did wonderfully. Aphrodite went through the same ordeal when she was your age."

"Really? My perfect mother went through this? Worried she ruined a poor couples life?"

"I would assume so, it happens to the best of us. I lost Hades on an island that he couldn't return from for almost six centuries."

"No, you lost your father on accident?"

"No it was purposeful but I didn't expect him to be gone for so long."

"I supose Persephone liked the alone time she recieved."

"Yes unfortunately she was blamed for the mishap."

"Poor dear."

"She's alright, now."

"What did he do?"

"Chained to a wall and let Cerebrus have fun with her... he made her a chew toy for his oversized dog. For six centuries."

"What did Demeter do?"

"She thought the punishment was fair not knowing the full story.Besides she vowed never to mess with Hades again after the first time." 

"Oh look the Cherubs are back." I said quickly changing the subject, I knew Elpidios hated the talk of his father. The Cherubs brought breakfast chocolate and purple Ambrosia in lavendar tea cups, and wonderful foods from all over the world. Even Special K cereal especially made for Gods with Ambrosia flakes and chocolate. "Thank you my Cherubs."

"Anything for you blessed Mother."

Wow I'm a mother and a match maker. I'm awesome. I have had my first case, a wonderful breakfast and a talk about God bloopers and severe punishments. My life on Olympus will never be boring and certainly not a quiet peaceful drama free school in California.

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