The Hidden Truth

Gabrielle Anderson knew she was adopted, she just didn't know the truth about the adoption or who she really is. Her biological parents are Apollo and Aphrodite, the gods of the sun and love. When she turns eighteen something amazing happens, but you readers must read The Hidden Truth to find out


10. Gloom on Olympus

After the beautiful night of Valentine's Day I woke with a heavy heart. Had I done the right thing sending away Samantha's father? Yes, I did. He would've done unspeakable things to her if I hadn't intervened. But inside of me a subconscious voice kept chiding me that; 

"You're the Goddess of Forbidden love. No matter what it entails." But I always countered with,

"I'm also the Goddess of Sacrifice, Grand daughter of Zeus the King of Gods. Daughter of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, and Apollo the God of the Rising Sun and Protector of the Arts. No matter what he would call it, Samantha would have sacrificed her innocence and her dignity." It always shut the voice up.

I got out of bed and hurried out for Morning Ambrosia. Downstairs in the parlor my Cherubs were flying low, as if a cloud of gloom had washed over them. I called one over and its normally purple eyes were a sad funeral grey color I gasped in horror. 

"My Cherubs what has happened to you?"

"The day after Valentine's Day a cloud of Gloom washes over Olympus. For the human world is overly happy and has sapped away at our happiness and our love. We will be fine in a few days, when the joy of receiving such happiness and love fades, and the humans go back to their animal like ways of killing and slaughtering one another. In cold blood, revenge, or a heated love affair gone awry. I hope that soon you Goddess Aglaia will come to terms to the fact that your human world you grew up in is not as perfect as it seems, and that the perfect days are the expense of our wonderful world here on Olympus. I do hope that you will forgive this unnecessary long speech but I must get my point a cross."  I placed a hand on his shoulder and he relaxed.

"I knew the human world was not perfect. I can feel the lack of love and happiness. The feeling of great Sacrifice is overwhelming today."

"As you can imagine Great Goddess, we feel it as well." The Cherub flew away, saying, "Forgive us great Goddess, but there will be no morning Ambrosia today." I looked after him and silently agreed. I went to look for Elpidios, and found him in almost the same state as the Cherubs. All grey and gloomy, I went to him immediately even his room surrounding him was no longer the bright purple it was days before. 

"Elpidios, can you talk?"

"Of course I can my love. It is just Gloom's Day here on Olympus I will be better by morning I swear to you."

"Alright, even my little Cherubs are all grey and sad. I am the only God on Olympus with a food source. I feed on Sacrifice. You are all sacrificing your happiness and your love for the humans who do not deserve such a sacrifice. For that I will always be loyal to the Olympians." I smiled at him and he managed a small smirk towards me.

"Do you think the love you gave to Samantha and Sebastian will last after Gloom's Day is through?"

"Yes, I believe strongly in their love for one another. Like my mother I can sense whether or not if their Companions, and they are. They are soul mates." I got up and moved to the window. I placed my hand against the magic glass which allowed for Elpidios to travel through the dimensions. I saw Samantha in her bed asleep, but she was not alone. Beside her was Sebastian they were still clothed. Samantha must have been scared of being alone in her bedroom and asked the older boy to stay with her for protection. I closed my mini portal and turned back to Elpidios. "Yes their love will last for decades to come."


I walked out of the Pavilion and wandered around an empty Olympus. No one was out, and even the golden side walks and steps, the fountains were all grey. It was like being in an old time movie before the invention of technicolor. Even I was getting gloomy. I had always been the girl to get sad on rainy days, or any day my friends were upset. Here I was the Goddess of Sacrifice and Forbidden Love but now on Gloom's Day I am just as weak as a puny human girl. I was once, just a human girl, a Goddess in disguise a girl with her powers bound. I had been strong for such a short period of time before being snatched by Hephaestus, then my strength returned just in time for Gloom's Day so it could be taken once again. Even the poor Nymphs who were always happy were dancing with such sadness the dance should have been outlawed. There were no smiles no happiness. I ran to my mother's Pavilion hoping that maybe the Goddess of the most powerful force in the universe would still be powerful.

I ran through her heart shaped portal and saw that her normally pink and red parlor was grey as stones and her Cherubs were walking around serving her Ambrosia, my mother had used her love last night. I saw Apollo my father walk in and his sunshine glow had been dimmed to his twins moonlight reflection. I could feel the sacrifice in the room. Their beauty had been dulled down to that of the beauty of a dying rose. They looked like immortal ghosts. I dared not speak because the Goddess of Love without her Love was bound to be grouchy so I slowly back out the Pavilion and went to the park that was named after the Demi God Hercules. Half brother to Aphrodite and half Uncle to me. He was dead now. I sat on a bench and cried. I did not understand the purpose of such a great sacrifice for that of a ungrateful unbelieving race of animals that would just discard the love and sacrifice and go back to their barbaric ways. 

I didn't remember when the sun set and the end of Gloom's Day came. I knew I did not stop crying until the familiar healing touch of my Companion came down upon my shaking shoulder. I turned abruptly staring him dead in the eyes. I saw nothing but love and color. The colors in his eyes I had taken for granted and stood and jumped into his arms. I leaned in close and before my lips could touch his, he whispered;

"Aglaia, will you be my Match?" for his answer I closed the distance between us. The kiss was well deserved after the Gloom's Day. When we broke apart a rainbow had formed above us. I looked towards the trees and saw my mother, and Iris, the Goddess of Rainbows and Communication.

"It is customary for newly engaged couples to have a rainbow formed above them. I do think , Aglaia you will understand."

"Oh mother I do! Oh I'm getting married! I mean Matched, I'm sorry for using the English terminology."

"Its alright my dear daughter. We have a Match ceremony to plan!


I guess Gloom on Olympus doesn't last long at all. I was sure happy. Still in Elpidios' arms I kissed him again, and he spun me around. We were happy. Samantha and Sebastian were happy, my mother and father were happy. The only people not happy were my human parents. They had lost me. Forever. I guess Gloom's Day would never leave me, because I would have that guilt hanging over me forever. I was immortal and forever was a very long time.

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