The Hidden Truth

Gabrielle Anderson knew she was adopted, she just didn't know the truth about the adoption or who she really is. Her biological parents are Apollo and Aphrodite, the gods of the sun and love. When she turns eighteen something amazing happens, but you readers must read The Hidden Truth to find out


3. Farewell

In the two weeks I had with my adoptive parents, we spent every waking moment together. On Christmas they each gave me a gift to remember them by. To remember the life we shared together. The day after Christmas would be my last full day on Earth. We planned to go ice skating at Rockefeller Square and then go to our new favorite restaurant, Ce Ce's . Matt, as he's called on Earth stayed away for the most part letting us have this time together. When it came time to say my final farewell to my family, I vowed to not cry. The morning I was to leave was the hardest. I would leave this part of my life behind, never to see the Statue of Liberty, or the Empire State Building again. Never to go to school, never become the next Dr. Anderson. I got up finally when I heard the elevator ding. I was dressed in my Greek Robes covered in black hearts and sacrificial icons. I did my hair the way Aphrodite would. I strapped on my sandals and walked down stairs. My adoptive parents sat on the couch, trying not to cry. 

"Mom, dad. Please look at me." They turned slowly their eyes filled with fresh tears, and the rims swollen and red from old ones. 

"Yes our dearest Gabrielle, We know that you are no longer Gabrielle."

"Please consider that I was torn between these worlds. Your's and my new one. I chose this beautiful place because I felt drawn to it, and I belong there, face it I would never fit in here. Not when everyday there's sacrifice, and forbidden romances. Know that I will always love you for all you've done for me. Saying goodbye is the hardest thing I had to do, with this decision. Please don't give up on orphans. Adopt another and then another, because the world will never be without orphaned children."

"We will, we understand. Aglaia be safe." my father said between tears. 

"Aglaia Goddess of Forbidden Romance and Sacrifice its time to leave." Elpidios said from the elevator that we both knew he didn't need to use. I hugged my parents goodbye for the last time, this wasn't summer camp where I would be back by September, or going off to college, this was Mount Olympus home of the Gods. I can never return until my probation is up, and by then my parents will be dead. I hurried over to Elpidios and he nodded to my parents. A sign that he would guarantee my safe journey. 

"Elpidios, God of Transportation and Safe Travel, at your service. Where are we going ma'am?"

"Mount Olympus." I climbed in the elevator next to Elpidios, turned around to look at my parents one last time before the door closed for good. I waved and mouthed 'I love you'. The last image I had of my mother was her collapsing on the floor in grief. How would she carry on her play like this? What of my father? He always said I was his good luck charm. I held back tears as Elpidios embraced me for our journey through the stars. 

"Aglaia, everything will be fine."

"I'll never be called Gabrielle again will I?"

"To your parents you will always be Gabrielle Anderson, Goddess Aglaia is just a name to them, Gabrielle is what you were to them, you were a sign of hope, and now you can always be there for them, in their hearts."

"Will this pain end? The feeling that I abandoned them?"

"They knew this day would come. Don't worry. I had to leave the Sanders'."

"What? You weren't living on Olympus?"

"No, I was your guardian until you turned eighteen I was always there with you, in the wind, the flowers, the car you drove."

"So you were like my life time stalker."

"No, protector, companion, future lover."

"Alright. Then what is this talk about a glow between companions?"

"When Gods and Goddesses find their companion their love and their souls give off a certain color. When the two colors meet, they should form a new color, this color will usually be red, purple or in the case of my father and Bia black."

"Oh, so what is our color?"

"That's just it, companions cannot see their color, only other's can. They know they belong together by Aphrodite. She holds a matching ceremony every two or three years."

"When were we matched?"

"When we were born." We reached the shimmering wall, and this time I jumped through it, I landed directly in front of my mother and father. 

"Aglaia! Oh its so good to see you."

"Mother its only been two weeks."

"All the same, I went eighteen years without you." my father stood watchful over the exchange. I looked at him, and he smiled warmly and opened his arms for a hug. I hugged him, he smelled of rain, and early morning sunshine. Although sunshine doesn't have a smell. His color was gold, with sparks of orange. Like the sun. 

"Dearest Aglaia, welcome to your home. I caution you to stay away from Hephaestus. He is not taking the separating well, the separation of a illegal match is quite painful. Zeus found an error in the arrangement and now Hep, is being punished dramatically."

"When is sun coming up? I want to see the horses!" I had never been so excited, but the thought of seeing Apollo's horses and carriage was too much to keep myself calm and collected.

"Twelve more hours dear." Apollo said immediately. "What oh what will you do on Mount Olympus until then? Play amongst the satyrs? The nymphs? Go on a Pegasus ride, stroll through the vast orchards, dine with Dionysus, sip his magic wine, or play among the other children. Look down at the demi-gods, the Heroes. Whatever you choose, do not go to the forges. Hephaestus will destroy you." 

"Darling come, its time for the evening Ambrosia."


"The drink of the gods. Heroes can only have so much, but we thrive on it, it keeps us immortal you see. That's why Heroes live so long if they don't die."

"Oh, I see. Is it good?"

"Its simply delicious. Its a slice of what do humans call a bit of heaven?"

"Chocolate, sex, ice cream, and for my ex boyfriend pizza."

"Ah, humans always fascinated me. That's why I have so my half mortal children."

"Is that all? Mother, girls now a days would call you a home-wrecker or something along those lines."

"Excuse me? But I am Aphrodite, God of Love and Lust! I can't help it."

"I know mother. So as the Goddess of Forbidden Romance and Sacrifice, what the hell do I do?"

"Dear, here we do not say 'hell' we say 'Hades' because Hades is hell."

"Didn't he kidnap Persephone?"


"Why does she stay?"

"She cursed herself with the pomegranate, that she accepted from Hades. She must return every winter." she couldn't get her mother to say anything more about Persephone. "Now for your Godly duties, you just look over the people having affairs, teenagers dating someone their parents wouldn't approve of. Gods and Humans making children, For sacrifice, did you not sacrifice your human life to be with Elpidios?"

"I understand now thank you." I looked through the clouds and saw teenagers, and grown men with twenty something women. I was the Goddess of this? Affairs, the things I found disgusting and disgraceful. Gee thanks. But the teenagers I was like them once. I had said farewell to my human life, but hello to my Goddess life here on Olympus. Here I can be human through the one's I protect. I did this to protect my human parents from Hades' wrath and the monsters like Medusa. I hoped to the gods that Hephaestus wouldn't cause any harm to them. We arrived at a pavilion, it looked like a mansion. It was red and two doves formed the doors. It was beautiful and the home, the home I never had the chance to see. 

"Aglaia welcome to my home, when the Romans took over Greece and took us as their own, their temples became our homes, this was built in my honor in Crete." 

"Its beautiful, for a pavilion it looks like a mansion." I started up the steps and little cherubs erupted from the clouds. Their diapers clasped with glowing hearts, and their quivers filled with Aphrodite's love arrows strapped to their backs. Their eyes were huge with wonder, and their hair was curly. They were beautiful. 

"My cherubs created by the Fountain of Youth, and the clouds of Olympus. Come in, they would not dare harm you or any Goddess with my blood in their veins." Aphrodite, my mother walked past the armed Cherubs and walked through the doves. I followed her trying to keep up. The inside of the pavilion was even more outstanding then the outside of the house. I stopped when I emerged from the doors. Everything was gold, and a great Myrtle tree grew in the middle of the room. Cherubs flew around the ceiling holding pitchers of pink liquid. Ambrosia. 

"Darling sit," I sat down on the settee, and she handed me a cup of the liquid. "Each God's Ambrosia is a different color. My is pink, the color of love and desire. Yours I believe will be purple, a forbidden love and sacrifice color." I stayed silent and sipped my borrowed Ambrosia, thinking this would be my final farewell to my human life.

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