The Hidden Truth

Gabrielle Anderson knew she was adopted, she just didn't know the truth about the adoption or who she really is. Her biological parents are Apollo and Aphrodite, the gods of the sun and love. When she turns eighteen something amazing happens, but you readers must read The Hidden Truth to find out


11. Celebration

The rainbow that Iris had given us still shone brightly when I woke the next morning. Elpidios was beside me snoring softly. No one traveled much after Valentine's Day. Even the Gods and Goddesses who had human companions and half human children stayed on Olympus. Their children busy on quests and what not. I got up from my most comfortable bed and went to my wardrobe once more. I felt an odd pull towards it like I had the first time I felt Samantha. I opened the doors and a middle aged woman sat alone on her bed. This was Samantha's mother. I stepped through the portal and the woman looked up startled.

"Who are you?"

"I am the Goddess Aglaia, your sacrifice called me to you. Now tell me, what have you sacrificed?"

"Everything. My daughter, I put her up for adoption."

"What's her name?"

"They could've changed it, but it was Samantha."

"I think I know her."

"You do?"

"Come with me." I held out my hand, and the woman placed her gently aged delicate one in mine. Her eyes shone with tears, "You will find your daughter. I promise you." 

"Where are we going?"

"I think you know." Her eyes lit up like fireworks, and I smiled. I walked towards the mirror and she froze,"It's alright, you'll be safe." she relaxed and I continued. We stepped through and I thought about Samantha and Sebastian. We walked through another mirror, this time in New York City. Samantha was asleep but Sebastian was awake, toying with her hair. "Sebastian, hello."

"Goddess Aglaia, but who accompanies you?"

"This is Samantha's biological mother." 

"I'll wake her." 

"No, let me look at her, in case she does not wish to know me." her mother spoke.

"Alright." Sebastian moved slightly so Samantha's face was revealed. She slept peacefully and smiled, she was waking. Her eyes fluttered open and when she saw Sebastian they glowed with love. Then she spotted me and her frightened mother.

"Goddess Aglaia! Thank you so much for last night. Who's that?"

"This Samantha is your mother."

"Funny, my mom's down stairs."

"No, she's right here, you were adopted." Samantha's face contorted in confusion and she processed the information.

"No way. My parents wouldn't lie to me."

"No not lying just withholding the truth. Goddess Aglaia this was a horrible idea, she was happy before."

"No she wasn't her parents were always fighting, tried to keep her from this wonderful boy, and her father tried to rape her last night."

"What? Samantha why didn't you tell me?" Sebastian said.

"That's why I asked you to stay. I was scared, but scared also to tell you."

"I would have understood." Aglaia stood there waiting for them to quiet. 

"Samantha, this is your mother, the woman down stairs allowed for what almost happened last night. She didn't even try to stop him from coming to your room."

"I know that."

"Samantha, I would never allow anyone to hurt you. Putting you up for adoption was a horrible mistake." Aglaia looked at the woman,

"You were forced, weren't you?"

"Yes. My father did not approve of me or my child so he wrote down the name I'd chosen and put Samantha up for adoption."

"What's your name?" Samantha asked quietly.

"Christine Summers."

"Really? My birth certificate says Samantha May Summers, you are my mother. I never really understood why exactly I had a different last name than my father on my birth certificate I just thought my mother had me before they were married." Samantha got up from the the bed and rushed to Christine. "Where do you live?"

"Albany, I'm a lawyer." Samantha quieted, and said

"I want to live with you. What if that man comes back despite Aglaia's warning."

"What of me?" Sebastian questioned.

"Come with me, you're almost eighteen!"

"Yes, I am. We have a life here."

"No. People look at us like we're dirty Sebastian, they don't understand our love. Are you coming or not?"

"I'm coming."

"Samantha, there's some legal issues we have to discuss first. Your mother downstairs legally adopted you. I can't just take you away."

"Fight." Samantha growled.

"Alright this is settled, I'll leave you three alone for a bit to catch up." 




I stepped back through the mirror and Elpidios sat on the bed toying with Thalia's mane. She whinnied when she saw me and Elpidios looked up. His eyes seemed to glow with happiness. And love, I had no doubt that he loved me dearly. I loved him as well perhaps tenfold. I sat on the bed and let the smile I had held in out.


"I reunited Samantha with her biological mother today."

"Really?" I smiled even brighter and took his hands in both of mine.

"Oh you should have been there! It was beautiful. Well not at first, at first Samantha was angry. Oh so angry and then I explained everything and smoothed things over and she's now moving in with her biological mother! Who happens to be a lawyer." I said smiling, clearly proud of myself. My smile faded when I saw the frown on Elpidios' face. "What is it?"

"You are interfering with their lives far too much. As the Goddess of Sacrifice you are suppose to intensify their feelings of the pain of their sacrifice not end it."

"I'm supposed to allow an innocent woman pay for the sacrifice her father made for her?"

"Yes. Its your job. You did fine with Sebastian and Samantha. But reuniting her with her biological mother was not your job. It was Hera's."

"No it couldn't possibly be her's. She called to me. I felt her sacrifice."

"Zeus and Hera will not be happy."

"I don't care. I did a good thing. I am proud of myself. Now if you would excuse me I have a Match Ceremony to plan. With my mother." I got up from the bed and whistled for Thalia to follow me. 

So much for my celebration.

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