Letters to Iraq

Cora and Brenden have been together for almost two years. So when Cora goes away to New York for a modeling trial she expects everything will be okay. She comes home to the fact that Brenden is gone, shipped off to Iraq.

After his move from California, Alex faces the fear of a new town and the only certain. Thing is his new job. No friends and barely a motel. Especially when his best friend was just shipped off to war. Soon Alex meets none other than Cora Dupre.The green eyed beauty who had stolen his best friends heart.

Cora, not having many other friends except Brenden and Alex fresh from Cali team up and become fast friends.

Soon Alex starts feeling a little differently about his best friends girlfriend and Cora cant help but say she feels the same way.

Cora soon gets notice of Brendens disappearance and it turns out he has had a few tricks up his camoflauge sleeve. Making sure his Best Friend, His girlfriend and the new addition are well off if he doesn't return.


1. 52 weeks

This book is ©Copywrited by Insert_WittyUsername 2013 Dear Cora, 52 weeks until I get to see your beautiful mint eyes again. It seems as though time as literally stopped since I landed here. I miss you so much. 52 weeks until I get to hear your sweet voice again. I miss you serenading me horribly as we lay in the bed of my truck out by the cliff. 52 weeks til I get to run my fingers through your silky brown hair. Remember when I braided it and got it all tangled up that I almost had to cut the rubber band from your hair? 52 weeks until I can hold you. One year. It's not going fast enough. I miss you so much already, Brenden ~*~ I know the prologue sucks but it gets better! I promise!
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