Just Like Them

Kalie Marie O'Byrne,or Kals to her friends, the talented half sister of Luke Hemmings. currently touring with one direction.
Nora- her beautifully mad bestfriend with an 'un-healthy' obsession with the one and only Justin Bieber.
but what happens when an ordinary day in the studio, brings her into a whole other life, a whole new Kalie, a whole new experiance

Kalie- pronounced K-lee
Kals- pronounced Kay-ls


6. wait;isnt that?

Kalies pov:

Some 3hours later I was completely drunk out of my mind. I'm not usually like this;but when you've been through what I've been through;you'd understand.

'Kals! We need to go! The cabs here!' Caitlin literally screeched into my ear.
' awhh your no fun;come on then,lets go.' I pouted back grabbing the random guy I had been dancing with. 

We collapsed into the cab&to be honest;what was this guy even doing here?why did I bring him?I'll just tell him to leave when we get back to Caits. 

'Erghhh;never drinking again for the next week. That dude was pushy enough without refusing to leave.' I complained as we shut the door.

'Its your problem for inviting him back here;and yea I know what your going to say: you know what I'm like;you should of stopped me' Caits joked mocking me.

I more or less stumbled up the stairs and collapsed into my room. I saw myself in the mirror;eww I better take this makeup off before I breakout in spots in the morning. I changed from my shorts and shirt into some pyjama shorts and my ex boyfriends shirt. I should really change into something else but I really couldn't be bothered. 

When I woke up I heard multiple voices coming from downstairs;I looked at my phone and saw it was like one in the afternoon. I groaned and began to make my way down stairs to see Chris;Caits;Justin and 'RYAN!CHAZ!' I screamed and ran towards them. It's been what a year since I last saw them? 
'hey baby girl' they both replied at the same time. 
What? I'm a sucker for their accents. 
'Wait;Kals, isn't that Bens shirt?'

'Caits! I haven't even told Luke let alone this lot!' 

Shit. This was gonna be complicated to explain. 
Who's actually reading this? 
Chloe xoxoxoxo

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