Just Like Them

Kalie Marie O'Byrne,or Kals to her friends, the talented half sister of Luke Hemmings. currently touring with one direction.
Nora- her beautifully mad bestfriend with an 'un-healthy' obsession with the one and only Justin Bieber.
but what happens when an ordinary day in the studio, brings her into a whole other life, a whole new Kalie, a whole new experiance

Kalie- pronounced K-lee
Kals- pronounced Kay-ls


4. thats you?


Kalies pov

I rang the doorbell to the one house I love in the US, seeing as I way in the state, I thought I would go and stay with my friends for a while seeing as everyone else left me for a holiday of their own.

'OMG!but youre,like,not meant to be here?!' 
No I wasn't meant to be at the Beadles house but I mean where else was I meant to go? 

'Yo Chris! The sluts here!' Caits called
'Love you too whore!' I replied back to her. No, we don't hate each other, that's just our friendship. 

'Wadupp bitch?long time no see!' Christian greeted me.
'Well I just missed you, so I thought I'd visit my fuckbuddy and my whore.'

We walked in and I placed my bags down and I took off my hoodie as it was quite warm inside revealing my bare stomach due to my tight purple t-shirt that ended just above my stomach and my white short jean shorts with my purple vans.

'Ey Chris, who's this pretty lady?' Hmmm I recognize the voice, Canadian,male,wonder who it is?
I turn around,not knowing as to who was gonna be sat there, oh of course, only the one and only justin drew bieber.

Justin POV

Dayummmm, who is she? She's recognizable, but ermm who is she?

She had medium length honey blonde hair,piercing blue eyes&her body was just perfect. Nothing slutty about her at all. 

'Eyes up here mister, I'm still not 'falling' for you yet since out bet when we last met.' Wait?we met before? But where? 'Oh incase your wondering, I'm Kalie,the one you and Sel met in the studio, this is the real/natural me, so please don't think you have a shot with me ass wipe, I won't bother you if you don't piss me off

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