Just Like Them

Kalie Marie O'Byrne,or Kals to her friends, the talented half sister of Luke Hemmings. currently touring with one direction.
Nora- her beautifully mad bestfriend with an 'un-healthy' obsession with the one and only Justin Bieber.
but what happens when an ordinary day in the studio, brings her into a whole other life, a whole new Kalie, a whole new experiance

Kalie- pronounced K-lee
Kals- pronounced Kay-ls


2. studio time

'KALIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'    just pretend you didnt hear, keep walking Kals.   'KALIE MARIE O'BYRNE!' oh shit,she used my full name, better turn around before the boys come out.

'what Nora?'

'I got us tickets....'



ah shit. see i like him,but then again i dont. you understand right? 'ermmm Nora, hate to burst your bubble, but im leaving for New York tomorrow for 6months with Sophie and the boys'

'i know, thats why i asked Luke if i could come and i got us tickets to his MSG concert.'

her face looked so bright, happier than shes ever been these past few months, so i gave in.

'okay nora,but can i go now,i REALLY need to get some recording in before we go around the US alright?'

and with that she left, i walked into the air condtioned lobby, that was busy,and when i say busy, i actually couldn't move like come on? i only need the first studio. i took a deep breath and pushed my way through the crowd. 

10 fucking minutes later, i got to our studio, but noone was there, i saw a note addressed to me on the table:

Haiiii Kals,

so ermmm yeah, we're not here -obviously- and we decided that you can use our studio time. Sam's gonna come in with a few other people at around midday because -pause- Selena Gomez is gonna be here and she wants to find someone new to sign, so dont fucking freak out 'kay?

pizza moneys on the table next to this and meet us outside at about 3.00 so we can go pack 'kay?

love yaaaaaaaaa

cal xx

so wait. Selena Gomez could walk in on me singing?! i freaking love that chick! pizza money?but like i dont eat pizza? and they're picking me up at three? that means a full 6hours of just me and my music. leggo.



Justin will be in the next chapter;i promise! 

chloe xox

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