Just Like Them

Kalie Marie O'Byrne,or Kals to her friends, the talented half sister of Luke Hemmings. currently touring with one direction.
Nora- her beautifully mad bestfriend with an 'un-healthy' obsession with the one and only Justin Bieber.
but what happens when an ordinary day in the studio, brings her into a whole other life, a whole new Kalie, a whole new experiance

Kalie- pronounced K-lee
Kals- pronounced Kay-ls


5. his girl?her game

Kalies POV

After my little 'rant' to Justin, i decided to go to my room in this house, the only room i actually live in when im here, MY room.

its a rich blue colour, with white furniture and fairylights going all the way around the room. I had the walls covered in pictures of me,caitlan and christian. i placed my bags down and began unpacking, well if im gonna be here for 3weeks, i might as well make myself feel at home.

after about half an hour of unpacking, i decided that i needed to freshen up, so i took a shower and re-dyed my hair back to brown, i exited my bathroom and walked across my room to the walk in closet, compleatley forgetting that Caitlan offered to take me out later so i needed to do my makeup,so i walked back into my room to my vanity, when i heard someone clear their throat, i turned around to see Justin on my bed. wait?what?okay i swear i locked my door, but how the hell did he get in?! his eyes travelled down my body and i was suddenly aware that i was still in my towel. ermmm awkward much?

'oi, my eyes are up here.'

'oh erm;im gonna go.' his eyes travelled down to his 'lower half' and i suddenly realized what was going on, so i though why not tease him a bit?

''no, now you, are going to stay right here and listen to me.' as i was saying this, i had closed and locked my door and pushed him onto the bed so he was lying down.

i quickly rushed into my en suite and changed into pajama short-shorts and a thin tank top and came back out to see him staring into outer-space.

'so, you may have noticed that i dont particularly like you, or your music.' at this point i pushed him into a half sitting half laying position and straddled him. i started to rub up and down slowly and i placed my hands ever so softly under his top. 

'but all that may change by the end of this week if you play your cards right' i whispered up against his ear lobe, nipping at it every other word i said. i then started kissing and sucking on his neck and his eyes closed in pleasure and his hands gripped my hips;pretty hard and i felt him getting harder and harder with everyy rub.

i dont know what came over me, but i suddenly crashed my lips to his, and oh my they were like heaven. we made out for around 10 minutes and we both came up for air and just looked into each others eyes. before i knew it, he had reconnected our lips and it wasnt a kiss of 'lust' it was a passionate kiss. we tore away from each other and i told him to stay there whilst i got ready for later.

i came out in studded light blue denim short-shorts and an american flag loose crop top and my black vans. my hair was lightly curled and my makeup was minimal. i was just picking out what purse i wanted to bring when i felt two arms snake around my waist. 

'i hope no one trys it on with my girl tonight;or there will be serious trouble.' Justin murmered into my shoulder. i think im begginning to have a soft spot for him.

i spun around and placed my arms around his neck, ' your girl now?' i said 'well lets see if i find anyone tonight, then we can decide that.' i quickly crashed my lips to his and before he had time to react i pulled away. i grabbed my purse, not breaking eye contact with him and bit my lip and walked away, knowing he had a good view of my ass.

am i falling for justin drew bieber?the person i despise?

well, im not too sure, but its all part of my game.


its been like a month

 i need a co-owner so if your intereasted dm me: @iam_cloudbieber i follow back.


chloe xoxoxox

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