Just Like Them

Kalie Marie O'Byrne,or Kals to her friends, the talented half sister of Luke Hemmings. currently touring with one direction.
Nora- her beautifully mad bestfriend with an 'un-healthy' obsession with the one and only Justin Bieber.
but what happens when an ordinary day in the studio, brings her into a whole other life, a whole new Kalie, a whole new experiance

Kalie- pronounced K-lee
Kals- pronounced Kay-ls


3. explaining me

'you are perfect to me.......' 

I finished the last line of my song and smiled. In the past three hours I have written and recorded 2 new songs;quite an achievement if I must say so. 

I took off my headphones only to hear clapping, not silence like in used to, even if the boys are here. I turned around to see two people in the room, justin bieber and HOLY FUCK IS THAT SELENA?! Ahh shit, better keep my cool.

'hey gorgeous,what's your name?' Justin asked me as if I was the hottest girl on the planet. But I'm not.

'Kalie,but everyone calls me Kals.' 

Justin opened his mouth to speak but Selena stopped him. 'Don't even think about it Bieber, today was MY day and YOU crashed it.'

ouchh. Ermm I need to get another song done,so I'm just gonna sit down whilst they argue, it's not serious, their like best friends so I shouldn't have anything to worry about.  

I sat on the couches and picked up my guitar and song book and got to work: 'but if you close your eyes, does it feeling like nothing changed at all?'  

I began to grow self conscious as I heard justin and Selena's voices grow quiet. They both looked at me and they both went to say something,but my phone rang.



N. heeeey Kalie 

K. Yes Niall?  

N.what time are you and the boys coming to ours at? 

K. Well I'm in the studio until three, then Cals coming to pick me up so we can go pack,then we pick up the rest of the boys and meet you at the airport? 

N. alright bye sweetie 

K.dont sweetie me Niall.


I turned around and saw that justin and Selena were looking at me oddly. 

'I'm leaving for America tonight with the boys&my bestfriend' I explained. They looked at me puzzled. Oh I never explained who the boys are so here I go: 

' alright my brother is Luke Hemmings, he's the lead singer in 5 seconds of summer,who are currently touring with one direction, so I have to go with them.'

'Oh!so wait YOU'RE Kaile?! The one Zayn was telling me about?! Dayummmm you're even hotter than he said!'

'Justin! How about you get your head out of you're perverted ass so she can choose as to who signs her!'

Shit!they actually want to sign me?! Oh fuck, Cals not gonna like this

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