My Everything

Ever sense Avery's mom died of a car accident her dad has been beating her.will she finally get away from her dad and live a happy life well read my book My Everything to find out


3. Staying the night

Avery's POV

  When i sawl my dad i knew then and there i had to jump so worked up the courage and jumped."Get back here you brat"my dad yelled"make me jerk"i yelled i was very confident in myself.I got up and an as far as i could.After running for like a half an hour i broke down and cried not with sad tears but not with happy tears.I sawl a park near bye and i went and sat on the swing for like 20 minutes and then realized i had no were to go.I pulled out the little blanket i brang and sat in the slide.It was freezing out and i dident expect to fall asleep i looked up into the sky and prayed i would be ok.After that i decided i had to sleep so i tried to fall asleep and before i knew it i drifted off.

               sorry for the short chapter guys i dident know what else to right any way by yall

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