My Everything

Ever sense Avery's mom died of a car accident her dad has been beating her.will she finally get away from her dad and live a happy life well read my book My Everything to find out


1. Prologue

Avery's POV

  Ever sense my mom died of a car accedent two years ago my dad has done everything you could think of.He has hit me,kicked me,punched me,cut me,burened me,ect. and im sick and tiered of it.I will get out of here eventuly i just know it."Avery" my dad Eric called "What"i said annoyed "get in here you stinken brat"he said.I slowly walked to my dads room when i entered all i sawl was a knife.This would be the third time he cut me.He threw me on the bed"please don't do this" i begged"if you think im gonna listen to you your wrong"he said and stuck the knife in my shoulder.I dident cry because i was used to it but now i knew i had to escape i had to live a life because i was tiered of this tiered of my dad tiered of this life.

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