My Bully Story

A Girl who Is bullied because of her red hair..


7. My Bully Story

When my mom had got back home that night I told her That I talked to Dad.

" Mom I talked to Dad Today And he said he would try to take car of everything ! " I said

" Haha, How Nice Taylor . will you Clean the table off , We're having company Over.

" Ok , I'm serious about talking to dad , And Who is this company ? " I asked

" OH, just a Guy I met at work .... " mom Said

" Mom ... No . your dating again ! Mom You know how I feel about that ! " I said

" Taylor , We're Just Friends ! " Mom Said

" Yeah Friends For now ! I said . I ran to my Room and jumped on the bed and laid there and cried . I thought to myself..'  How Can My life Get Any worst!?' After a while I stopped crying and heard the Doorbell Ring . It was Him ... Her new So Called 'Friend'  I went downstairs and didn't say nothing . just got my dinner and went back to my room . My Mom didn't even come check to see if I was ok ... I felt Un- Important that night and worried about what would happen at School tomorrow .

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