My Bully Story

A Girl who Is bullied because of her red hair..


4. My Bully Story

That night I Couldn't Sleep. All that was on my mind was what would happen when I go back to School. I tried to stop thinking about It but it was hard. I got up and when to the bathroom to look at my bruise . It was turning purple looking . I wished I could just get away from bad people like them. I went back in my room and laid down and Slowly fell asleep.

When I woke Up I saw that my mom was Gone to Work. I was So happy I didn't have to go to School . I got in the shower and when I was Done I looked at myself in the mirror and just looked at my hair . I was thinking about Changing my Hair color . But at the same time I was thinking why should I have to Change for Someone .. ? That's Something my dad would have said . Later I decided to take my Dog (kibbles) For a walk . I had a Feeling that trouble was around .. While we were walking I saw some of the guys and girls from my Class .

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